kmt是什么意思 kmt的翻译、中文解释

  kmt是什么意思 kmt的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释


  例句:KMT should be stronger than the Peiyang Clique.




  1. Yin was a fine scholar and often critiqued Taiwanese politics including the KMT and also Chiang Kai Shek

  翻译:殷海光很尖锐的 批评的时政 甚至批判到。

  2. But in-fighting among various factions makes KMT vulnerable.

  翻译:但是,他们内部派系太多 相互争斗不断,先天不足。

  3. it’s fate. The KMT is ruined with our own hands

  翻译:天数啊 败在自己的手里喽。

  4. We welcome President Truman’s China policy as per the declaration on the 15th with regards to the cease fire between the KMT, CPC and other political parties and to call upon a multi-party meeting to implement reforms to end the KMT’s one-party dictatorship

  翻译:我党欢迎总统xx日 对华政策声明中关于 党 及其他不同意见的武装之间。

  5. in face of a national crisis, anyone who compromises the nation’s interest is a traitor and an enemy of the KMT

  翻译:国难当头 谁在这件事情上损害了国家的利益 谁就是贼。

  6. Just for the convenience of the KMT


  7. After decades, the KMT can’t be absent

  翻译:几xx年了 总不能缺席吧。

  8. We can’t have a CPPCC without the KMT

  翻译:开协商会议 没有不行。

  9. Because all the KMT’s senior officials were staying there


  10. 4 days ago in Kunming, Mr. Li Gongpu was murdered by secret agents of the KMT

  翻译:李公朴先生四天前在昆明 被特务杀害了。

  11. They couldn’t accuse me of being a Communist spy since my mother was still getting a military pension from the KMT

  翻译:他们不可能说我是匪谍 我母亲还在拿抚恤金呢 拿的抚恤金。

  12. it’s a labyrinth within the KMT


  13. Copies of Freedom were all busted by KMT last week.

  翻译:”自由”上礼拜 被的抄了。

  14. Li Jishen and He Xiangning set up the Revolutionary Committeeof the KMT in Hong Kong

  翻译:李济深在香港 成立了委员会。

  15. This is Colonel Yu. He’s the KMT’s man.


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