grindhouse是什么意思 grindhouse的翻译、中文解释

  grindhouse是什么意思 grindhouse的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:But the only real grindhouse movie in the last, 10 or 15 years is The Pion of The Christ.

  翻译:但唯一真正的 磨坊电影在过去 xx年或xx年的 受难记。



  例句:And, the grindhouse is very much a part of that.

  翻译:磨坊 相当多的一部分。



  1. it’s a very interesting depiction of what a grindhouse is, that you didn’t see too often in a mainstream movie.

  翻译:这是一个非常有趣的 描绘什么GRINDHOUSE 你没看太 往往在主流电影。

  2. The term p and grind’ was lifted from the burlesque stage and as many of the nation’s red light districts burlesque houses made the transition to movie houses the term grindhouse came with it.

  翻译:长期颠簸和磨’ 解除阶段 许多国家的红灯 区滑稽的房子 过渡到电影院 它长期GRINDHOUSE来到。

  3. i’ve thought about whether there was any kind of connection between grindhouse cinema and film noir and in reality there is.

  翻译:我想过是否 有什么样的连接 之间磨坊影院和 黑 在现实中存在。

  4. That was a grindhouse movie.


  5. The depiction of a grindhouse theater in “i Wake Up Screaming” may have been a sign that the Production Code was loosing touch with American audiences.

  翻译:描绘一个GRINDHOUSE影院 “我醒来尖叫”可能已经 生产守则是一个迹象 表明 美国观众失去联系。

  6. When i hear the term “grindhouse,” what i think of is Hollywood Boulevard in the ’70s—very much like 42nd Street New York in the ’70s.

  翻译:当我听到这个词”刑房” 我想到的是好莱坞大道 在上世纪xx年代很像第42 在上世纪xx年代的纽约街。

  7. 42nd Street and the grindhouse theater lifestyle.

  翻译:第42街和 磨坊剧院生活方式。

  8. Grindhouse theaters flourished in red-light districts and skid row sections of major cities by the mid-20th century;

  翻译:在蓬勃发展的磨坊剧院 和防滑行路段 20世纪中叶的主要城市。

  9. The truth is clear, the spirt of grindhouse lives on.

  翻译:事实是清楚的 喷出的GRINDHOUSE生活。

  10. Quentin Tarrantino and Robert Rodriguez made Grindhouse and i love the trailers in it.

  翻译:昆汀Tarrantino和?罗德里格兹 刑房 我爱拖车。

  11. Are grindhouse films and exploitation the same?

  翻译:是GRINDHOUSE电影和 相同的剥削。

  12. Teen exploitation films represented a major movie market during the 50s and 60s, even though they were not, solely restricted to the confines of Grindhouse theaters.

  翻译:青少年剥削电影代表 主要电影市场在xx年代和xx年代 即使他们没有 仅限 磨坊剧院的框框。

  13. Probably the best representation of a grindhouse in a mainstream Hollywood film is in “i Wake Up Screaming”.

  翻译:也许是最好的代表 在一个磨坊 好莱坞主流电影 “我尖叫中惊醒”。

  14. The Tormentors a Nazi versus Jesus action thriller is a rarely mentioned foray into the curious sub-genre of grindhouse cinema known as Nazi Exploitation.

  翻译:的折磨 与动作惊悚片 是一个很少被提及 进军好奇 子磨坊电影流派 称为的开发。

  15. in the grindhouse come these movies, the Roughies where no longer are the women on a pedestal as objects of adoration.

  翻译:在GRINDHOUSE来这些 电影 在没有Roughies 不再是一个妇女 底座作为崇拜的对象。

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