internalize是什么意思 internalize的翻译、中文解释

  internalize是什么意思 internalize的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:We all internalize it from a very early age without even having a language for what we’re doing.

  翻译:我们从很小的时候就把它藏在内心最深处 甚至都不说几句话,关于我们正在做的事情。



  例句:We internalize ideas from our socialization.




  1. it took me over a decade to internalize the severity of HiBM, even as basic tasks and functions became increasingly difficult.

  翻译:我花了xx年多的时间 才适应了 HIBM 的严重性, 即使基本的动作和功能 都变得愈发困难。

  2. Do it enough until you actually become it and internalize.


  3. i can internalize and make my own. Mmm-hmm.

  翻译:我可以改造他们 然后变成我自己的 {3cH202020}I can internalize and make my own.。

  4. Because even i, an avowed, self-declared feminist, who worships at the altar of Gloria — (Laughter) internalize the patriarchy.

  翻译:因为就算我, 一位公然承认的女权主义者, 尽管虔诚地信奉着女权信仰, (笑声) 仍会吸收内化男权思想。

  5. if they can’t internalize it, they won’t trust it.


  6. Yet they internalize and privatize the profits.

  翻译:然而,他们却将利润 内化,私有化。

  7. Chika Okoro: These messages that we see at such a young age and these messages that we internalize, they stay with us.

  翻译:我们会内化小时候收到的讯息, 而这会给我们留下深刻印象。

  8. Older people can be the most ageist of all, because we’ve had a lifetime to internalize these messages and we’ve never thought to challenge them.

  翻译:我们老年人的年龄歧视观 可能是最严重的, 因为我们用一生 来内化这些信息。我们从没想过 提出异议。

  9. if you internalize this document, you should be able to field basic questions about the bail-out.

  翻译:如果你把这份文件背熟 应该就能应付金融的基本问题了。

  10. When we internalize the difference between how i feel in all my wisdom and what i do in a values-aligned action, we generate the pathway to our best selves via our emotions.

  翻译:当我们内化了我理智所想 与内外协调一致的差异时, 我们就能够通过情绪找到途径通向 最好的自我。

  11. When we internalize that fact, we can stop waiting for some inevitable future to arrive and actually get to work now.

  翻译:当我们内化这个事实时, 就不会坐以待毙, 现在就开始着手应对。

  12. if they can’t internalize it, they won’t trust it.


  13. By puzzling through these confusing “cases,” meditating monks could both internalize and practice Buddhist teachings.

  翻译:冥想中的禅师们分析“公案”时, 便能同时内化和实践佛的教诲。

  14. i think at a certain point, kids really begin to internalize this link between disgusting things and immorality.

  翻译:我认为在某个阶段, 讨厌的事物和不道德之间的关系 会开始在孩子们的心底扎根。

  15. Now this is often quoted, but it’s difficult to really grasp, to really internalize, because exactly this idea of being gone is so difficult to imagine.

  翻译:这句话常被引用,但很难 抓住精髓和真正的内在化, 因为所谓的(不存在) 是很难想象的。


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