gamelin是什么意思 gamelin的翻译、中文解释

  gamelin是什么意思 gamelin的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:As Gamelin put it, they preferred “to await events”.

  翻译:就如甘末林所说的, 他们更喜欢”等待大事(发生)”。



  例句:Gamelin persisted in moving his armies north into Belgium and Holland.

  翻译:甘末林坚持将他的 向北开进比利时和荷兰。



  1. Gamelin still refused to believe the Germans could cross of the Meuse before another three or four days.

  翻译:甘末林仍然拒绝相信 不用再过个三四天 德国人就能跨过马斯河。

  2. (narrator) Gamelin had 100 divisions on that front in May 1940, plus another ten of the British expeditionary force.

  翻译:xx年xx月甘末林在那条战线上有100个师, 另外还有英国远征军的10个师。

  3. Few French generals ever bothered to inspect, let alone meet, their troops, but then their commander-in-chief, General Gamelin, rarely set foot outside his headquarters.

  翻译:极少有法国将军费心去视察 更不用说去会见他们的 不过他们当时的总司令,甘末林将军, 也基本不涉足他的司令部外。

  4. Gamelin seldom bothered his staff with orders, preferring simply to suggest guidelines.

  翻译:甘末林很少用命令来麻烦他的参谋, 他更喜欢简单地提出行动纲领。

  5. it was also the end for Gamelin.


  6. Further south in Belgium, the Germans had another spectacular success that first day – the capture of Eben-Emael, the strongest fort in the world and the linchpin of Gamelin’s line.

  翻译:在更南面的比利时, 德国人在第一天取得了 另一个引人注目的胜利 夺取艾本。

  7. On maps back at headquarters its thick woods and narrow, winding roads probably did make the Ardennes seem impenetrable – which is presumably why Gamelin chose to guard this 100-mile stretch of front with ten of his weakest, least-trained, worst-equipped divisions.

  翻译:在后方司令部里的地图上 它那茂密的树林和狭隘蜿蜒的小路 或许的确使阿登森林 看来似乎是不可穿越的。

  8. (narrator) Gamelin chose for his headquarters this chateau at Vincennes, just outside Paris.

  翻译:甘末林把他的司令部 选在万塞讷的这个城堡里, 就在巴黎外面。

  9. Gamelin refused to believe his tactics were at fault and umed he must have been betrayed.

  翻译:甘末林拒绝相信他的战术是错误的 并想当然地以为他一定是被出卖了。

  10. The panzers reached Sedan late on the third day of the offensive, although Gamelin had calculated they couldn’t possibly be here before the ninth day.

  翻译:(德国)装甲在攻势开始后 的第三天傍晚抵达色当, 尽管甘末林预计 他们在第九天前不可能到达这里。

  11. (Beaufre) Gamelin was very clever, but with no guts at all, and he was liked by the politicians because he was an easy commander-in-chief.

  翻译:甘末林非常聪明,但根本没有胆略, 而他被政客们所喜欢 因为他是个很顺从的总司令。

  12. On the day we leff Paris we went to this Vincennes headquarters of Gamelin and… we heard on the radio all the songs and music of the italian war, you know.

  翻译:我们离开巴黎的那天 我们去了甘末林在万塞讷的司令部 接着…。

  13. But when that happened the pivot of Gamelin’s front would be here, in the Ardennes.

  翻译:但当那种情况发生时 甘末林整条战线的支点会在这里,阿登(森林).。

  14. Gamelin reacted by sacking 20 or so of his front-line commanders, almost at random.

  翻译:甘末林作出的反应是 撤了他差不多20个前线指挥官的职, 几乎是随意地。

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