kneeled是什么意思 kneeled的翻译、中文解释

  kneeled是什么意思 kneeled的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:He hauled her into two feet of water and kneeled on her chest until he drowned her.

  翻译:水塘深度只有2尺 他用膝盖跪在她胸口压住溺死她。



  1. He kneeled down, and we’re in Florence.

  翻译:他跪了下来, 而且我们在佛罗伦萨。。

  2. He kneeled, he kissed your hands.

  翻译:- 他跪在你脚下 吻你的手。

  3. Stars on his knees means he’d never kneeled before anyone.

  翻译:膝盖上的星星意味着 他永远不会向任何人下跪。

  4. i kneeled in front of Lord Wicked


  5. Back to the only man in the world that i ever kneeled down for.

  翻译:回到了这个世上 我唯一曾屈膝的男人身边。

  6. And the Russians kneeled down, some of them, and made the cross and said little prayers, which was very astounding, and got up again and kissed me because they thought i was the widower and gave me presents, gave me cigarettes, gave me bread,

  翻译:这些俄国人跪了下来,他们中的一些人, 划了十字 并作了一些祈祷 而这真是非常令人震惊, 并再次站起身来并吻了我 因为他们以为我就是那个鳏夫。

  7. This sweet gentle man, at whose feet i kneeled, gave me the truth from his own mouth.


  8. And when i bent down… or kneeled down in the grass, i cut my knee, and i have my piece of shrapnel.

  翻译:我弯腰跪在草地上的时候 我膝盖就被什么划伤了。

  9. You kneeled down to pick it up?


  10. He kneeled down, prayed to God and got an answer.


  11. He kneeled before you after all.

  翻译:他还不是要乖乖的跪在 王爷面前。


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