ofus是什么意思 ofus的翻译、中文解释

  ofus是什么意思 ofus的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:it was probably a little presumptuous ofus to think we could push him aside.

  翻译:我们以为可以推翻他 也许这是个冒失的想法。



  1. [ Lerner] None ofus had ever built a company.


  2. this place can take allthree ofus


  3. i thinkall three ofus ought to getin there together.


  4. But i was elated, because it was just the three ofus… trapped together in the house.

  翻译:但是我很高兴 因为,就我们3个人待着… 被困在一起。

  5. There was a couple of times, for me, that i think Chuck did not know how speak to some ofus actors.

  翻译:我觉得有些时候查克 不知道如何跟某些演员沟通。

  6. The three ofus will create ourown Garden ofEden what Garden ofEden?

  翻译:一起来创造我们的伊甸园 什么伊甸园?。

  7. ifone ofus ran across an entrepreneur… who was trying to start a company, we would invite him up for lunch.

  翻译:如果我们遇到一个企业家 他想建立一个公司 我们就邀请他共进午餐。

  8. None ofus had enough money to do an investment by ourselves, so we had to have help.

  翻译:我们谁都没有钱做投资 所以需要外援。

  9. Just a struggling loser like the rest ofus in Hollywood and within a year he was directing

  翻译:”那是周一第一个电话 我们好莱坞其余的人 就像个挣扎失败者,去年他拍了。

  10. And don’t ask me to calculate what that cost all ofus. it’s too – it’s too hurtful.

  翻译:不要问我我们那样做 到底损失了多少钱了,太不堪回首了。

  11. There were, i think, five ofus in our group.

  翻译:我们大概是五个人 都有各自的工作,但也有一些闲暇时间。

  12. The seven ofus were like a family.


  13. [ Man ] in the ’50s and ’60s, there were a group ofus in San Francisco that used to get interested… in small, high-tech companies down the peninsula.

  翻译:五六+年代 我们在旧金山的这群人开始关注 半岛上的小型高科技公司。

  14. There’sa largecommunity ofus,survivors.

  翻译:有一个大的社区 我们,生还者。。

  15. This is a small place butit`s big enough forthe three ofus


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