kegs是什么意思 kegs的翻译、中文解释

  kegs是什么意思 kegs的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:We drop the kegs, there’s a good chance we maim Walter and don’t get Daniel out.

  翻译:把桶扔下去 我们很可能会把沃特搞残废 而且还救不出丹尼尔。



  例句:You counting Black Jack, Kegs, and Mully?



  kegs一般作为名词使用,如在pony kegs([网络] 小马桶)、powder kegs(na. (金属制)小型箱;易

  [网络] 个桶)等常见短语中出现较多。

  1. Back to a time when the best kegs of beer were opened in their honour and ladies pined for their love.

  翻译:回到那种 最好的啤酒敬给他们 美女争抢他们青睐的时代。

  2. – Did you order some kegs of beer?


  3. Zeke’s inside smoking. He was waiting for help to carry the kegs.

  翻译:齐克在里面抽烟 他在等人来抬酒桶。

  4. ‘Cause i got some kegs that i need changing.


  5. Kegs and legs open, and on the house!

  翻译:开酒庆贺 本店请客。

  6. i’ve got a score of kegs and bottles for you this time.


  7. No, we just followed the trucks carrying the kegs.

  翻译:we just followed the trucks carrying the kegs.。

  8. i mean, we have to get on the wall, plus we bought the kegs.

  翻译:我是说 我们得在墙上留名 再说酒都买好了。

  9. You know how much damage we could do with ten kegs?

  翻译:你知道喝完10桶啤酒 我们会烂醉成什么样吗?。

  10. To smuggle it out, they had to melt it down and recast it as beer kegs.

  翻译:为了能偷运出来,他们只要把他熔化 做成啤酒桶的样子。

  11. i asked you if we have enough clean kegs for the bright tank.

  翻译:- 我问你,如果我们有足够的 清洁小桶明亮的坦克。。

  12. 5-star restaurants in Paris to tapping kegs in a park.

  翻译:从巴黎5星酒店的狂欢 到公园里给人开啤酒。

  13. Party at Vahlere’s. There’s gonna be eight kegs. See you there.


  14. Kegs and beer pong for homecoming? That’s… different.

  翻译:小酒桶和啤酒乒乓 来庆祝返校节?。

  15. i need 4pcs kegs of gunpowder, a machete, a goat a guide who speaks Hutu …

  翻译:我需要4桶,一把弯刀和一张山羊皮 一个说”糊涂”语的向导。


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