noblemen是什么意思 noblemen的翻译、中文解释

  noblemen是什么意思 noblemen的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



  例句:in order to unify the world, the Queen of the West dispatched her confidential noblemen to the various countries.

  翻译:西方的女王为了将世界统一 而将自己的心腹贵族送到各国执行间谍活动 这些人就是传闻中可怕的”女王的走狗”。



  1. But i do seem to remember that at the noblemen’s convention you said that you lived in a castle.

  翻译:但是我记得在贵族? 议上 你说你住在一座城堡里面。

  2. We have trained noblemen friendly to us, throughout the land.

  翻译:围棋世家代代教授皇室朝臣和各国大名下棋 关系密切。

  3. The people suffered from famine and plague, as well as unrelenting exploitation from corrupt officials, as well as noblemen.

  翻译:百姓因接连的自然灾害 而饱受饥荒及传染病之苦 接二连三五谷欠收的荒年。

  4. She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay.

  翻译:她在奴隶湾钉死了上百个贵族 She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay.。

  5. in his writing, that traitor refers to you as an usurper and Castile’s noblemen as traitors and the troops who follow you, as rebels.

  翻译:去的道路已处于我们的掌控之下 不会有危险的 而且 我是国王 可以做我喜欢的事。

  6. Noblemen in my part of the country don’t enjoy the same lifestyle as our counterparts in Dorne.

  翻译:我们这里的贵族… 和多恩那边贵族生活方式不尽相同。

  7. The noblemen who defend Scotland’s honour waiting for his imminent downfall

  翻译:维护了苏格兰的荣誉的 高贵灵魂等待着即将到来的垮台。

  8. in that year when Suvorov’s army rushed the Alps, when the emperor Pavel spent the rest of his life in his cold castle, in Moscow, in the house of well- born but impoverished noblemen, was born…

  翻译:{fn华文仿宋fs161cHD1D1D1}就在那年,苏沃洛夫的在阿尔卑斯驰骋 {fn华文仿宋fs161cHD1D1D1}而帕维尔皇帝在他阴冷的城堡里 {fn华文仿宋fs161cHD1D1D1}度过余生。

  9. The wives of noblemen are indulging in excess to imitate Her Highness’ fashion.

  翻译:因为士大夫的女人们为了学中殿娘娘着装 奢侈成风。

  10. it was not just a plaything for cynical kings and noblemen.

  翻译:它并非只是玩世不恭的 国王和贵族手中的玩物,。

  11. The noblemen of Castile rise up, sick of that who is not king, nor man.

  翻译:然而两国饱受战争摧残的 却希望双方能尽快休战 光靠一腔热血是不够的。

  12. So noblemen with money and power took over the ice business.

  翻译:所以有钱有势的士大夫 霸占了冰生意。

  13. With the Emperor gone, it was at the mercy of kings and noblemen who were often little better than bandits.

  翻译:皇帝虽然不在了,但它受到 各国君主和贵族们的摆布。 许多时候,这些人并不比盗匪好多少。。

  14. Listen. Listen to me. There are many noblemen in Milan ho are favorable to the emperor.


  15. Noblemen may benefit, but farmers are forced to flee and often starve to death.

  翻译:贵族是得到了好处 可逃亡的农民都饿死了。

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