calado是什么意思 calado的翻译、中文解释

calado是什么意思 calado的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

As an English teacher, here are at least four aspects to explain the word or abbreviation ‘calado’, along with five English and Chinese sentences.

1. Definition and Meaning

‘Calado’ is a Spanish word that means “draft” or “depth of water below a ship’s keel.” In nautical terms, it is the distance between the waterline and the lowest point of a ship, which determines how much water a ship displaces and how much weight it can carry. It is also commonly used in maritime shipping and port operations to determine how deep the water is at a particular location, to ensure that ships can safely navigate through shallow areas without running aground.

English Examples:

– The ship’s calado was too deep to enter the port safely.


– The captain ordered the crew to check the calado before entering the narrow channel.


– The port authority must measure the calado regularly and update the charts to ensure safe navigation.


2. Abbreviation

‘Calado’ is also abbreviated as ‘Cldo’ or ‘Cal’, especially in shipping documents, bills of lading, and other maritime paperwork. It is usually followed by a number that indicates the numerical value of the draft in meters or feet.

English Examples:

– The cargo vessel’s bill of lading stated a calado of 8.5 meters.


– The pilot informed the captain that the channel had a maximum cal of 5 feet.


– The shipping company required all vessels to submit their caldo measurements for each port call.


3. Importance and Safety

‘Calado’ is a critical factor in maritime safety and navigation, as it affects a vessel’s stability, maneuverability, and cargo capacity. A ship with a deeper draft requires more water to navigate safely, may be more susceptible to grounding, and may have limited access to shallow ports or channels. On the other hand, a ship with a shallow draft has less displacement and may not be able to carry as much cargo, but can navigate in shallower waters.

English Examples:

– The pilot had to carefully guide the supertanker through the narrow strait due to its deep calado.


– The port authority suspended all ships with a calado of more than 10 meters due to low water levels.


– The shipping company recommended that the vessel reduce its calado to avoid potential hazards in the shallow bay.


4. International Standards

‘Calado’ is a universal term in nautical and shipping industries, and several organizations and authorities have established international standards and regulations regarding its measurement, reporting, and monitoring. For example, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all ships to have a robust calado measurement system and to report any significant deviation in it.

English Examples:

– The shipyard used a calibrated sonar device to measure the ship’s calado accurately and reliably.


– The captain reported a slight increase in the vessel’s calado due to the heavy cargo load.


– The port state control inspector checked the vessel’s calado measurement system and found it compliant with IMO standards.


calado的中文翻译是“深度”的意思,读音为“kǎ lā duō”,例句如下:

1. El barco necesita un calado de al menos 2 metros para entrar al puerto.(这艘船需要有至少2米的水深才能进入港口。)

2. El calado máximo permitido para este c es de 4 metros.(这个运河允许的最大吃水深度是4米。)

3. El calado del río es muy bajo debido a la sequía.(由于干旱,这条河的水深非常浅。)

4. Los buzos miden el calado del barco antes de su partida.(潜水员在船离开前测量船的吃水深度。)



例句:Work hard, do what you do. (Work hard. Do what you do.)

1. Then what do I need to do? (翻译:Okay. Then what do I need to do?)

2. – What do you do with all that money? (翻译:- And do what? 要那么多钱做什么 What do you do with all that money?)

3. What do you want me to do? (翻译:What do you want me to do?)

4. ♪ so just forget about the world ♪ ♪ we young tonight (翻译:♪ Baby, do it like you do ♪)

5. What do you want me to do, man? (翻译:What do you want me to do, man?)

6. So we continued our drive for the last destination in Mallorca, the Cala Figuera. (翻译:所以我们继续驾车前往马略卡岛的最后一个目标,卡拉费圭拉。)

7. How do you do? Got anything? (翻译:in charge of information collecting How do you do?)

8. What do you want me to do now? (翻译:What do you want me to do now?)

9. What do you want me to do about it? (翻译:What do you want me to do about it?)

10. Why do you do this kind of job? (翻译:Why do you do this kind of job?)

11. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, so-do (翻译:Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do So Do)

12. Do you not like the dress? (翻译:Do you… Do you not like the dress?)

13. Oh, I have no doubts, ma’am. (翻译:Do you think she can do it?)

14. Do you, do you have tweezers or something? (翻译:Do you, do you have tweezers or something?)

15. To do the things you want to do (翻译:To do the things you want to do)

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