fbl是什么意思 fbl的翻译、中文解释

fbl是什么意思 fbl的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. 词汇含义:’fbl’通常是一种缩写,可能代表各种不同的词语,具体含义需要根据上下文来判断。例如,它可以表示“Facebook社交平台上的好友列表(Facebook friend list)”、也可以是“足球俱乐部的友谊比赛(friendly football match)”的缩写。


– I have so many friends on my FBL that I can’t keep up with all their updates. (我Facebook好友太多了,无法跟上他们的所有动态。)

– This weekend, our team is playing an FBL against the local high school. (这个周末,我们的球队将与当地的高中举行一场友谊赛。)

2. 语法角度:’fbl’作为缩写词,通常出现在非正式的场合,其语法规则与完整的单词一样,可以作为名词、形容词或动词等。


– I’m going to check my FBL to see if anyone has posted anything interesting. (我要检查一下我的Facebook好友圈,看看有没有人发布有趣的内容。)

– The FBL game was a chance for the team to practice their skills without the pressure of a real competition. (友谊赛是一个为球队练习技能而没有竞争压力的机会。)

3. 社交媒体:’fbl’最常见的使用场景是在社交媒体上,特别是Facebook上。因此,对于在这些平台上使用’fbl’的人来说,他们可能已经习惯了这个缩写词,并且已经知道了它所代表的意思。


– I love keeping up with my FBL to see what’s happening with my friends and family. (我喜欢关注我的Facebook好友圈,了解我的朋友和家人正在发生什么。)

– Did you see that picture I posted on my FBL yesterday? (你看到我昨天在Facebook好友圈发布的那张照片了吗?)

4. 其它应用:除了在社交媒体上使用外,’fbl’还可以在足球比赛、业务等方面使用。例如,在足球比赛中,’fbl’可能表示“友谊赛(friendly game)”或“联赛(federal league)”。在业务术语中,’fbl’可能是“货物运输清单(freight bill)”的缩写。


– Our team is playing an FBL match against our next Sunday. (下周日我们的球队将与对手进行一场友谊赛。)

– Could you please send me the FBL for last month’s shipment? (请问你能给我发送上个月的货物运输清单吗?)




例句:On January 4, a routine request… one of approximately 26,000 received daily by the F.B.I…. came into the identification division from the police department of Center City. (一个惯常的请求xx月xx日 每天大约有26000人被FBl接受 从市中心警署部门)


例句:The FBI is curious why the Las Vegas-based Linderman Group would be so interested in helping a New York candidate. (FBl想知道 拉斯维加斯的林德曼集团为什么 会帮纽约的候选人竞选)


例句:I am an FBI agent! I know, man. Isn’t it wild? (我是个FBl探员 我知道,这是不是很疯狂)


例句:to the F.B.I…. told ’em things like where I kept my gun… when we were gonna pull the Willard job. (翻译:跟FBl通气 告诉他们 我在哪藏枪之类的事)

1. I am an FBI agent! I know, man. Isn’t it wild? (翻译:我是个FBl探员 我知道,这是不是很疯狂)

2. to the F.B.I…. told ’em things like where I kept my gun… when we were gonna pull the Willard job. (翻译:跟FBl通气 告诉他们 我在哪藏枪之类的事)

3. The fbi believe over 30 women from Florida, Georgia and Alabama have all been taken by this lunatic guy. (翻译:FBl认为在佛罗里达乔治亚和 巴马有30多名女性 都惨遭这个疯子的毒手)

4. The bullet that killed Frank Malloy, the bank guard… was forwarded to the F.B.I. laboratory in Washington. (翻译:击毙银行保安 弗兰克. 马洛伊的上交 给了驻的FBl实验室)

5. The bullet that killed Helen Jannings… was sent to the F.B.I. headquarters in Washington… examined and catalogued in the National Ammunition File… where bullets from unsolved cases are kept for reference. (翻译:害死海伦. 詹宁斯的 被送到FBl在的总部)

6. and E-FBL had a significant inhibition on the acetic acid-induced writhing reaction in mice, the inhibitory rate was 74. 17%. (翻译:对醋酸引起的小鼠扭体反应有明显的抑制作用,抑制率为74.)

7. Then you know the FBI can hear everything we’re saying. (翻译:所以你也知道FBl 听的到我们讲的每件事)

8. I returned the money and confessed my part, but in the end the FBI decided that someone like me could never pull off something like that. (翻译:我把钱还了回去并且去自首 但是最后FBl认定,象我这样的人 决不会那样干)

9. This is Inspector Briggs of the F.B.I. Sergeant Bryant. (翻译:这位是FBl的布里格斯调查员 这位是布莱恩特长官)

10. Special Agent Ben Phillips, fbi. I’m Alan’s triend. (翻译:我是 FBl特别探员班•菲利浦 是艾伦的朋友)

11. He’s working with the FBI team. He won’t be back tonight. (翻译:他和FBl的人一起出去工作了 今晚不会回来了)

12. In a police lineup in Center City… a suspect named Robert Danker, picked up by the F.B.I…. was identified by several bank clerks as the killer of Frank Malloy… and by David Jannings as the murderer of his wife. (翻译:在市中心的警署名单中 一个嫌犯名字是. 邓克尔… 被FBl追查到)

13. The FBl-psychiatrist and the Canadian national police as well. (翻译:该FBL -精神科医生 与加拿大国家也是如此。)

14. You think I joined the FBI to learn to surf? (翻译:安吉罗,你以为我加入 FBl,是为了学冲浪吗)

15. Lieutenant Paul Staller of the Homicide Squad… and Richard Atkins of the F.B.I. (翻译:刑侦队的保罗. 施塔勒中尉 FBl的理查德.)

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