bleaching是什么意思 bleaching的翻译、中文解释

bleaching是什么意思 bleaching的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. 词性和词义:bleaching是动词bleach的现在分词形式,意为“漂白”,只要是含色素的物质均可漂白,比如头发、衣物、纸张等。在环境学领域,bleaching也指珊瑚等生物因高温、污染等原因而失去色素的现象。


– I’m going to bleach my hair blonde for the summer.

– She used bleach to remove the red wine stain from the carpet.

– The paper has been bleached to create a whiter appearance.

– Coral reefs around the world are experiencing bleaching due to climate change.

– The zookeeper noticed the bleaching of the panda’s fur, which indicated a health problem.

2. 搭配和用法:bleaching通常与其他词搭配使用,比如bleaching cream(漂白霜)、bleaching agent(漂白剂)、bleaching powder(漂)等。在生物学中,bleaching还可以与coral reefs(珊瑚礁)、algae(藻类)等搭配使用,表示珊瑚的失色以及藻类的死亡。


– The company produces a range of skin products including bleaching cream.

– The bleaching agent was too strong and ruined my shirt.

– The swimming l was cleaned with bleaching powder to remove any harmful bacteria.

– The coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef are experiencing widespread bleaching due to rising sea temperatures.

– An overgrowth of algae caused the bleaching of the kelp forest.

3. 形式变化:bleach这个动词的变化形式包括bleach(原型)、bleached(过去式)、bleaching(现在分词)、bleaches(第三人称单数形式)。另外,bleaching也可以加上后缀-er和-est变成比较级和最高级形式。


– The sun has bleached the curtains so much that they’re almost white.

– She bleached her hair yesterday and now it’s a bright blonde color.

– The coral reefs are bleaching at a faster rate than ever before.

– This laundry detergent bleaches clothes better than any other brand.

– The ocean is experiencing the worst bleaching event in history due to global warming.

4. 文化背景:漂白这一行为在不同的文化背景下所代表的意义也有所不同。在一些西方国家中,白皙的肤色被认为是美丽的标志,因此使用漂白霜或进行漂白治疗是很常见的。然而,在一些非洲和亚洲国家中,肤色偏深、有色的皮肤被视作健康、美丽、具有文化特征的标志,因此漂白皮肤的做法受到批评。


– Many people in the US use tanning beds to darken their skin, while others use bleaching products to lighten it.

– In some African countries, there are campaigns to discourage women from using skin-bleaching products due to health concerns.

– A Bollywood actress was criticized for endorsing a skin-lightening cream, which was seen as promoting colorism.

– Some beauty standards in Asia prioritize pale skin, leading to a high demand for whitening or bleaching products.

– There is a growing movement to embrace natural hair and skin colors, rejecting the idea that lighter is always better.




1. The coral reefs are bleaching due to rising water temperatures caused by climate change.(珊瑚礁因气候变化引起的水温升高而发生漂白。)

2. Bleaching can strip the natural color from hair.(漂白可以使头发失去天然的颜色。)

3. It is important to use a mild bleach when cleaning white fabrics.(清洗白色织物时,使用温和的漂白剂非常重要。)



例句:And if the bleaching doesn’t go away — if the temperatures don’t go down — reefs start to die. (如果白化不能够消失, 如果温度不下降,珊瑚礁就会开始死去。)


例句:A comparison is made between the effluent pollution load between OHMP clean bleaching and traditional CEH bleaching. (比较了纸浆ohmp清洁漂白和传统CEH漂白废水的污染负荷。)


例句:And after bleaching the hair on hematoxylin adsorption process is endothermic, the adsorption process is spontaneous. (并且漂白后头发对苏木素的吸附过程是吸热的,吸附过程是自发进行的。)


例句:Desizing, scouring, and bleaching of man – made fibers may be combined in some finishing operations. (翻译:人造丝织物的退浆、煮练、漂白可以与某引起整理工艺同时进行。)

bleaching一般作为名词、形容词、动词使用,如在dip bleaching(浸漂)、dry bleaching(干漂)、easy bleaching(易漂法)等常见短语中出现较多。

dip bleaching 浸漂 dry bleaching 干漂 easy bleaching 易漂法 displacement bleaching 置换漂白 entire bleaching 全漂 electrolytic bleaching 电解漂白 fastness to bleaching [化] 耐漂牢度; 耐漂白色牢度 final bleaching 终漂 flour bleaching 面粉漂白

1. And after bleaching the hair on hematoxylin adsorption process is endothermic, the adsorption process is spontaneous. (翻译:并且漂白后头发对苏木素的吸附过程是吸热的,吸附过程是自发进行的。)

2. Desizing, scouring, and bleaching of man – made fibers may be combined in some finishing operations. (翻译:人造丝织物的退浆、煮练、漂白可以与某引起整理工艺同时进行。)

3. Features of sodium chlorite bleaching for cotton knits are described. (翻译:本文叙述了亚氯酸钠对纯棉针织物漂白的特点。)

4. By ultrasound, the speed of bleaching of hydrogen peroxide could be accelerated and the structure of colla. . . (翻译:超声波在一定程度上能加快的漂白速度,不会对皮胶原纤维结构产生不良影响。)

5. Do not use on silk, wool, nylon, unfast colours and leathers. Test material before bleaching. (翻译:尼龙、易 褪色之衣物及皮革,漂白时请先以少量溶液测试。)

6. The acute toxicity of bleaching powder to Charybdis japonica was determined, and its safety concentration was 0. (翻译:根据急性毒性试验确定了漂对日本的安全质量浓度为0。)

7. Toxicity of AOX Bleaching Effluent to Eggs and Larvae of Sparus macrocephalus (翻译:AOX漂白废水对黑鲷鱼及仔鱼的毒性效应)

8. Selects penetrant JFC to enhance cork bleaching effect, reduce bleaching time and achieve cost savings; 2. (翻译:选用渗透剂JFC增强了软木材料漂白效果,并可以减少漂白时间,节约成本;)

9. The viscosity of the bleaching composition is controlled by an admixture of a thickener and a hydrocarbon. (翻译:所述漂白组合物的粘度通过增稠剂和烃的混合物控制。)

10. Detection of Singlet Oxygen by the Bleaching of RNO in Thylakoids . (翻译:利用RNO脱色反应检测类囊体中的单线态氧。)

11. It causes these vast bleaching events that are the first signs of corals of being sick. (翻译:这也导致了这些大规模的白化现象, 而这正是珊瑚生病的第一个征兆。)

12. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the clinical results of the intracoronal bleaching with a sodium perborate preperation. (翻译:本研究的目的是评估过钠加蒸馏水冠内漂白的临床疗效。)

13. The Effects of Applying Bleaching Powder on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Water and Demersal Creatures (翻译:施用漂对池塘理化性质及底栖动物的影响)

14. study on the effect of AOX content by xylanase bleaching. (翻译:研究了木聚糖酶预处理对后续漂白废水中AOX含量的影响。)

15. Coral bleaching hadn’t been seen on the Great Barrier Reef before the 1980s. (翻译:直到20世纪xx年代 大堡礁上才出现珊瑚褪色的现象)

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