atom是什么意思 atom的翻译、中文解释

atom是什么意思 atom的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. 词释:Atom 一般指“原子”,是物理学中的基本粒子,其次有 Atom 这个缩写指“原子钟”或者“原子能”。


– The atom is the building block of all matter.


– The accuracy of atomic clocks is unparalleled.


– The reactor produces energy by splitting atoms in a controlled chain reaction.


– I have an Atom processor in my laptop.

(我的笔记本电脑配有 Atom 处理器。)

– The Atom editor is popular among coders.

(Atom 编辑器在程序员中很受欢迎。)

2. 历史发展:关于原子结构的理论和研究,是物理学史上的重要一环,很多著名的科学家都做出了杰出的贡献。


– Dalton’s atomic theory proposed that each element is made up of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms.


– Rutherford’s gold foil experiment revealed the existence of a dense, positively charged nucleus at the center of the atom.


– Bohr’s model of the atom explained how electrons orbit the nucleus in energy levels.


– Thomson observed the first evidence of subatomic particles with his discovery of the electron.


– Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² demonstrated the relationship between matter and energy, and helped advance atomic physics.

(爱因斯坦著名的 E=mc² 方程表明了物质与能量之间的关系,推动了原子物理学的研究。)

3. 应用领域:原子技术在现代科学和技术中有广泛的应用,包括核能发电、医学诊断、食品辐射杀菌等等。


– Nuclear power plants use the heat from splitting atoms to produce electricity.


– PET scans use small amounts of radioactive material to create images of the body’s organs and tissues.

(PET 扫描利用微量放射性物质来产生人体器官和组织的图像。)

– Food irradiation kills bacteria and pests, extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


– Atomic force microscopy allows scientists to observe and manipulate individual atoms.


– The Atomic Energy Commission oversees the safe use and handling of nuclear materials in the United States.


4. 派生词汇:Atom 有许多派生词汇,包括形容词、名词、动词等等。


– Atomic bombs have the power to destroy entire cities.


– The periodic table organizes elements based on their atomic structure.


– Scientists are studying the behavior of atoms and molecules using quantum mechanics.


– I need to atomize this liquid to turn it into a fine mist.


– The atomization of the political party led to its collapse.


5. 语言文化:Atom 这个词汇已经成为英语文化中的一个象征,出现在许多文学作品、电影、音乐和品牌中。


– In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the character Victor Frankenstein uses electricity to animate an artificial creature made of dead body parts, including atoms.


– The James Bond film Thunderball features a plot to steal two atomic bombs.


– The song “Atom Heart Mother” by Pink Floyd is an instrumental piece named after the band’s sixth studio al.


– The Atom car was a popular microcar produced in the 1950s.

(Atom 车是一种在 1950 年代生产的流行微型汽车。)

– The Atomium is a famous landmark in Brussels, Belgium featuring a structure of nine interconnected spheres in the shape of an atom.

(Atomium 是比利时布鲁塞尔著名的地标,它由九个连接在一起的球体结构组成,呈原子形状。)





1. An atom consists of a nucleus and electrons.


2. The element carbon has six protons in its atom.


3. The discovery of the atom revolutionized modern physics.




例句:And in fact, to add to the irony of it, nuclear power is even safer than solar panels. (而讽刺的是… SOL ATOM 核电…)


例句:You put Noisy’s voice recognition into Atom? (你把大声公的声控模式移植到Atom身上?)


例句:When the number of protons in an atom equals the number of electrons, the atom itself has no overall charge, it is neutral. (当原子内部的质子数等于电子数时,整个原子是不带电的,即电中性的。)


例句:Seven *Atom* to central. That crane *****. (翻译:7号Atom报告中心 那架吊车的支架要掉下来了)

atom一般作为名词使用,如在the atom(n. 原子能)、donor atom([化] 供电子原子; 配位原子)、doping atom(掺杂原子)等常见短语中出现较多。

the atom n. 原子能 donor atom [化] 供电子原子; 配位原子 doping atom 掺杂原子 discarded atom “燃耗”原子 displaced atom 移位原子 dissimilar atom un. 异类原子 dissociated atom 解离原子 electronegation atom 负电性原子 electronegative atom 电负性原子

1. When the number of protons in an atom equals the number of electrons, the atom itself has no overall charge, it is neutral. (翻译:当原子内部的质子数等于电子数时,整个原子是不带电的,即电中性的。)

2. Seven *Atom* to central. That crane *****. (翻译:7号Atom报告中心 那架吊车的支架要掉下来了)

3. Zeus has found yet another gear of violence, drilling Atom’s midsection. (翻译:宙斯就像完美的暴力武器 钻进Atom的腹部)

4. An electron in a molecule isn’t on just atom A or atom B, but A+ B. (翻译:分子中的电子不是在原子A或B中,是在A和B中 )

5. Have you heard about this little bot out there, his name is Atom? (翻译:你有没有听过一个小个头的机器人 叫做Atom的?)

6. Tak Mashido supervising personally as Zeus hammers down, furiously trying to end this thing once and for all. (翻译:松元亲自监督宙斯的操作人员 愤怒的想马上击倒Atom 结束比赛)

7. Currently, Jersey can integrate with Spring, Guice, and can support ATOM representation with apache-adbera integration. (翻译:目前,Jersey可以集成Spring、Guice,还支持ATOM表示形式与apache-adbera的集成。)

8. Tripodal compounds with nitrogen atom at their centers; (翻译:以氮原子为中心的三脚架结构化合物; )

9. The main ingredient of an atom bomb is enriched uranium. (翻译:的主要成分 The main ingredient of an Atom bomb 是浓缩 is enriched uranium.)

10. The Restlet Framework supports major data formats like XML, JSON, and Atom using extensions to its core framework. (翻译:RestletFramework使用对其核心框架的扩展来支持主要的数据格式,比如XML、JSON和Atom。)

11. So basically, the idea of being able to build things bottom up, atom by atom, has made them all into tinkerers. (翻译:因此基本上,由下而上建造物品的想法, 用原子一个个建,使他们成为修补匠。)

12. We will consider this Zeeman effect for the hydrogen atom. (翻译:我们将对氢原子考虑此塞曼效应。)

13. They’re taking you over cell for cell… atom for atom. (翻译:他们会从每一个细胞开始统御你的器官… 从每一个原子)

14. Yeah, I did, but by the way, it was no atom bomb. (翻译:是的,找到了 顺便一提,那根本不是)

15. Neutrons and protons are bound together in the nucleus of an atom. (翻译:在一个原子的核内,中子和质子聚合在一起。)

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