acess是什么意思 acess的翻译、中文解释

acess是什么意思 acess的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释


词义:verb. 进入,接近;n. 进入权,通路,途径


词组搭配:access to,access code,access point,access control,access road

短语:have access to,gain access,restrict access



1. Students should have access to the library’s resources.

2. The company has restricted access to their confidential documents.

3. I can’t access my email account because I forgot my pword.

4. We need a key to gain access to the building.

5. The new highway provides easier access to the city center.

6. The security guard checks everyone’s access card before allowing them to enter.

7. The computer system has a special access code for administrators.

1. 中文翻译:接近,进入,获取

2. 读音:/ˈækses/

3. 例句:

– You need a key to access the building.(你需要一把钥匙才能进入这栋楼。)

– The website is only accessible to members.(这个网站只对会员开放。)

– We need to find a way to access more information about the topic.(我们需要找到一种方法来获取更多关于这个主题的信息。)



例句:A second problem is limited acess to adequate sanitation facilities and clean drinking water. (第二个问题是没有足够的公共位生设施和干净的饮用水。)


例句:we aren’t allowed to acess the Lab unless the appointment is made one day earlier. (我们不能获准进入实验室,除非我们提前一天预约了。)

acess一般作为名词使用,如在immediate acess(即时存取)、Printer Acess Protocol([计] 打印机访问协议)、random acess memory([计] 随机存取存储器)等常见短语中出现较多。

immediate acess 即时存取 Printer Acess Protocol [计] 打印机访问协议 random acess memory [计] 随机存取存储器 random acess sorter 随机存取分类程序 remote batch acess 远程批次存取

1. Acess to U-Bahn was fairly easy, but you had to change trains several times, depending on where you wanted to go. (翻译:去U-Bahn是很简单的,不过根据你要去的地方的不同,你要倒几次火车。)

2. A second problem is limited acess to adequate sanitation facilities and clean drinking water. (翻译:第二个问题是没有足够的公共位生设施和干净的饮用水。)

3. Square Meter with bath, TV, Internet Acess, Tatami , specially designed for long time chat with close friends. (翻译:15平米,卫生间,电视、宽带、榻榻米式通铺,自动升降桌,适合亲密朋友促膝夜谈。)

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