bombas是什么意思 bombas的翻译、中文解释

bombas是什么意思 bombas的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. 定义:’bombas’可以指代多种事物,最常见的解释是指“”或者“轰炸机”。此外,它也可能被当做一个缩写词,例如在商业领域中,可以是指“基于使命的商业”,在时尚领域中,可能是指“身体形态的缝合袜”。


– The bombas were planted in the city center by terrorist organizations.

– The military used several types of bombas to target enemy fortifications.

– The bombas dropped by the allied forces during World War II caused widespread destruction.

– Their company philosophy is founded on bombas, which emphasizes the social responsibility of business.

– Many fashion bloggers have praised the comfort and versatility of bombas socks.

2. 历史和文化:作为一种武器在人类历史上已经有数百年的历史。它在战争和活动中的广泛使用,也给人们带来了痛苦和悲惨。而“基于使命的商业”则是一种近年来崛起的商业模式,目标是在赚钱的同时为社会做出积极贡献。缝合袜则是近年来快速发展起来的时尚趋势,旨在为身体提供更好的支撑和舒适度。


– The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 marked a turning point in the history of ware.

– The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in recent memory.

– Many businesses have adopted a bombas approach, in which they prioritize social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

– Bombas socks have gained a cult following among fitness enthusiasts and fashionistas alike.

– The technology behind compression stockings has advanced significantly in recent years, them more comfortable and effective than ever before.

3. 形象比喻和扩展应用:和轰炸机是比较负面的形象,但在一些比喻中也常常被用到。例如,“”可以指代某种极具力的新技术或者想法,“轰炸机”则可以比喻某个公司或组织具有强大的攻击性和战斗力。而“基于使命的商业”则可以扩展到更广泛的社会意义上,例如“基于使命的教育”或者“基于使命的”。


– The introduction of artificial intelligence has been described as a bombas transformation for the world economy.

– The new product from Apple is a bombas in the tech world, offering cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance.

– Amazon is often seen as the ultimate bombas in the retail space, with an unmatched ability to dominate its compes.

– The idea of basic income has been described as a bombas in the field of social welfare, offering a radical new approach to addressing poverty and inequality.

– The Green New Deal proposal has been hailed as a bombas in the fight against climate change, offering a comprehensive and ambitious plan for reducing carbon emissions.




1. El gobierno desplegó a la policía para investigar sobre las bombas que explotaron en varios lugares de la ciudad. (部署了调查在城市的多个地方爆炸的。)

Translation: The government deployed the police to investigate the bombs that exploded in several places in the city.

2. La organización terrorista ha sido responsable del ataque con bombas en la estación de tren. (负责在火车站发动袭击。)

Translation: The terrorist organization has been responsible for the bomb attack at the train station.

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