cambodian是什么意思 cambodian的翻译、中文解释

cambodian是什么意思 cambodian的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



词组搭配:Cambodian people(柬埔寨人)、Cambodian cuisine(柬埔寨料理)等。




1. The Cambodian people are known for their kind and welcoming nature.(柬埔寨人以亲切热情著称。)

2. I am interested in learning about the Cambodian culture and traditions.(我对了解柬埔寨的文化和传统很感兴趣。)

3. Cambodian cuisine features a lot of fresh herbs and spices.(柬埔寨料理以许多新鲜的草本植物和香料为特色。)

4. She wore a beautiful Cambodian silk dress to the party.(她穿了一条美丽的柬埔寨丝质裙子去参加晚会。)

5. The Cambodian government has implemented policies to promote tourism in the country.(柬埔寨已经实施了促进该国旅游业发展的政策。)




1. She is Cambodian and speaks both Khmer and English fluently.(她是柬埔寨人,流利地说柬埔寨语和英语。)

2. The Cambodian cuisine is famous for its unique flavors and ingredients.(柬埔寨菜以其独特的口味和食材而闻名。)

3. The Cambodian government is taking steps to improve the education system in the country.(柬埔寨正在采取措施改善该国的教育系统。)



例句:He said the Cambodian-Thai Fang Shibing side from time to time throwing a grenade, but Cambodia is not fight back. (他说,泰方士兵不时向柬方一侧扔掷手,但柬方没有还击。)


例句:Wonderful I think I have to speak Cambodian I knew it’s you (我还以为要说柬浦寨话呢 我老早就看出来是你了)


例句:But his Cambodian counterpart, Chea Leang, has opposed prosecuting more than five people. (但是,他的柬埔寨籍同僚谢莲反对被起诉人数超过五名。)


例句:Ever since I was a small Cambodian child. (翻译:在我还是个柬埔寨孤儿的时候就在那了 Ever since I was a small Cambodian child.)

cambodian一般作为名词、形容词使用,如在Cambodian(柬埔寨的)、royal cambodian ballet(高棉皇家芭蕾舞团)等常见短语中出现较多。

Cambodian 柬埔寨的 royal cambodian ballet 高棉皇家芭蕾舞团

1. But his Cambodian counterpart, Chea Leang, has opposed prosecuting more than five people. (翻译:但是,他的柬埔寨籍同僚谢莲反对被起诉人数超过五名。)

2. Ever since I was a small Cambodian child. (翻译:在我还是个柬埔寨孤儿的时候就在那了 Ever since I was a small Cambodian child.)

3. Cambodian fishermen pose with a giant carp caught on the Tonle Sap River in 2003. (翻译:柬埔寨渔民xx年在洞里萨河与一头暹罗巨鲤合影。)

4. Nuon Chea insisted that no Cambodian was responsible for atrocities. (翻译:农谢坚持表示,没有柬埔寨人应为暴行负责。)

5. Cambodian farmers in traditional bamboo hats carry their products to a local market in Siem Reap. (翻译:暹粒省,柬埔寨农民戴着传统的竹帽,挑着产品前往当地集市。)

6. when the cambodian city of angkor and its temple complexes were abandoned in 15th century, jungle trees grew indiscriminately over its stone structures. (翻译:在15世纪前就被遗弃在这里 多年来丛林在其石制结构中肆意生长中)

7. Chea Sim and Norodom Ranarith both said that the Cambodian Senate and National Assembly would unswervingly stick to the One China policy. (翻译:谢辛和拉纳烈表示柬参议院和国民议会将坚定不移地坚持一个中国的政策。)

8. China thus agreed with our interpretation that North Vietnamese forces had to vacate Cambodian territory. (翻译:就这样中国同意了我们的解释,即北越应当撤离柬埔塞领土。)

9. He said a further 200 Thai soldiers occupied small camps along the Cambodian side of the border. (翻译:他说,另外还有200名泰人在柬埔寨边境一侧占领着一些小的营地。)

10. I know you used to smuggle medicines in Thailand few years ago and sold them to Cambodian guerrillas (翻译:我知道你前几年 在泰国偷运了一批西药 到柬浦寨卖给游击队)

11. Together, we work within communities to untangle a complex web of social issues and help Cambodian families escape poverty. (翻译:我们一起在社区工作, 解决一系列复杂的社会问题, 帮助柬埔寨家庭脱离贫困。)

12. On April 8, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council met with Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni in the Cambodian Royal Palace, Phnom Penh. (翻译:xx月xx日在金边柬埔寨王宫会见了柬埔寨国王西哈莫尼。)

13. After the Puea Thai Party’s landslide election victory, the Cambodian Prime Minister issued a letter of congratulations. (翻译:为泰党在选举中获得压倒性胜利之后,柬埔寨首相发表了一份祝贺信。)

14. Since 2005, the number of orphanages in Cambodia has risen by 75 percent, and the number of children living in Cambodian orphanages has nearly doubled, despite the fact that the vast majority of children living in these orphanages are not orphans in the traditional sense. (翻译:自 2005 年以来, 柬埔寨的孤儿院数量 上升了 75%, 住进柬埔寨孤儿院的儿童 几乎翻了一倍。尽管事实上, 大多数住在孤儿院的孩子们 并不是传统意义上的孤儿。)

15. We called it “30 Mosques in 30 Days,” and we drove to all the 50 states and shared stories from over 100 vastly different Muslim communities, ranging from the Cambodian refugees in the L.A. projects to the black Sufis living in the woods of South Carolina. (翻译:我们管这个项目叫 “30个寺的30天”, 我们驾车去了美国所有的50个州, 并且分享了来自100多个 互不相同的社区的故事, 包括洛杉矶项目中的柬埔寨难民, 住在南卡罗莱纳州森林里的 黑苏菲派。)

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