doyers是什么意思 doyers的翻译、中文解释

doyers是什么意思 doyers的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




1. Doyers Street(这是该街道的正式名称)

2. on Doyers(指的是在该街道上)

3. Doyers Street Theatre(指的是该街道上的一个历史悠久的小型剧院)

4. Doyers Street Ghost(指的是传说中出现在该街道上的幽灵)

发音拼写: ‘dɔɪərz


1. Doyers Street is a very famous street in New York City.

2. I love walking on Doyers, there are so many interesting things to see.

3. The Doyers Street Theatre is a great place to watch a play.

4. I heard there’s a ghost that haunts Doyers Street, but I’ve never seen it.

5. If you want to experience the culture of Chinatown, visit Doyers Street.



1. Doyers Street is a narrow and winding street in Chinatown.


2. Many tourists come to Doyers Street to take photos of its colorful buildings.




例句:In addition to the A330-200s on their way out, SAA currently operates 17 737-800s, 11 A319s, six A340-300s and nine A340-600s. (除了将要淘汰的A330 – 220s,南非航空目前运营17架737 – 800s、11架A319s、6架A340 – 300s、9架A340 – 600s。)

例句:Whenever I say “I’m running through such and such state” people respond: “it’s the something or other that’ll kill yer” . (当我说,我正在某个州跑步,人们会立马回答说,那里的某样东西会把你坑苦了。)

1. To do some research at s.H.I.E.L.D. Archives, (翻译:- He requested yesterday 在神盾局档案室做些研究 to do some research at S. H.)

2. But the SSR is myopic when it comes to Howard Stark, which is why I have been conducting my own investigation. (翻译:战略科研署在斯塔克的事情上太短视了 But the S. S. R.)

3. Despite the corpulent look, their la yer of blubber is so thin that it cannot protect them when the temperature drops. (翻译:虽然看起来很肥胖 它们的鲸脂层却很薄 温度下降时也不能保护它们)

4. There are bigger fish than the SSR, and right now, they’re more concerned with a breach of national security than evidence protocol. (翻译:还有比战略科研署更厉害的人物 There are bigger fish than the S. S. R.)

5. And welcome to STS-200 ops overview briefing. (翻译:欢迎莅临 S T S 2 0 0 行动简报)

6. The isearch-forward-regexp and isearch-backward-regexp functions are typically bound to the M-S-s and M-S-r keystrokes. (翻译:isearch-forward-regexp 和 isearch-backward-regexp 功能通常绑定到 M-S-s 和 M-S-r 键盘输入。)

7. Let’s hear it for the Sunday Sisters. (翻译:谢谢 S u n d a y S i s t e r s 的表演)

8. If you want to reduce some stress, you can reduce this by the word S-T-R-E-S-S, that’s stress. (翻译:如果您想减轻压力,可以用 S-T-R-E-S-S 来减轻压力。)

9. So yer maybe this small town folks could do even this. (翻译:因此,揭掉 也许这个小镇 人们可以做,即使这一点。)

10. Then yer man Saint Jack O’Hooligan, the man-hatin’ goat-murderer of Dingle Bay? (翻译:那么是你的圣徒杰克 幽谷海湾之人见愁?)

11. The SSR are looking into Roxxon at this very moment. (翻译:战略科研署现在正在调查罗克森公司 The S. S. R.)

12. Or is your service not needed at the SSR? (翻译:Or is your service not needed at the S. S. R.)

13. Vince, via text, what is IW2.. SUTWTC means? (翻译:这意味着我W Y N Y T T S S 短信语言?)

14. ..we have officers like ACP S.S. Khan for our protection. (翻译:…有S・S・卡汗警长这样的人保护而倍感骄傲)

15. 78s, when 78s became 33 and a thirds, you could sell all your music again. (翻译:之前。78S,78S 成为33和三分之二,)

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