carrie是什么意思 carrie的翻译、中文解释

carrie是什么意思 carrie的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释


1. 词汇意义:Carrie通常指一个女性名字,或者是针对“婚礼”和“结婚”的俚语。


– I have a friend named Carrie who lives in New York.

– Carrie and Tom are getting married next month.

– She’s looking for her own “Mr. Big” a la Carrie Bradshaw.

2. 电影、文学作品:Carrie还是一个文学和电影作品的名字,据此可以推导出许多相关的词汇和概念。


– I watched the movie “Carrie” last night and it was really scary.

– Stephen King’s “Carrie” was his first published novel.

– The character of Carrie in the novel was a telekinetic ager who could move objects with her mind.

3. 缩写词:Carrie还可以是许多不同的缩写词,根据上下文而定。


– CARRIE is short for the “Conference on Artificial Reality and Robotics in Education”.

– CARRIE stands for “Computer Aided Reasoning and Integrated Environment”.

– CARRIE can also refer to the “Centralized Automated Registration and Reporting Information Exchange”.

4. 地名:Carrie也可以是美国的一些地名,例如肯塔基州的一个小镇。


– Carrie, Kentucky is a small town with a population of only 190 people.

– Carrie, Kentucky was named after a local coal-mining family.

– Carrie, Kentucky is located in Letcher County in the southeastern part of the state.

5. 歌曲:许多歌曲也使用了Carrie这个单词,例如瑞典乐队Europe的歌曲“Carrie”。


– I love the song “Carrie” by Europe, it’s one of my favorites.

– “Carrie” is a power ballad that was released in 1987.

– “Carrie” was one of the biggest hits for the band, reaching #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.



1. Carrie felt nervous before her presentation, but she practiced a lot and it went well.(凯丽在演讲前感到紧张,但她练了很多次,最终成功了。)

2. I’m going to watch the movie ‘Carrie’ with my friends tonight.(我今晚要和朋友一起看电影《凯丽》。)



例句:I’ll go out on a limb and say Carrie White. (我会出去然后说Carrie White.)


例句:Carrie, Carrie, wait! Carrie! (Carrie Carrie 等一下 Carrie)


例句:My name is Carrie Mathison. (卡莉·麦吉森 My name is Carrie Mathison.)


例句:Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson? (翻译:6个了 Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson? Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson?)

carrie一般作为名词使用,如在Carrie(卡里;卡丽;【女名】女子名,魔女嘉莉;凯莉;嘉丽妹妹)、sister carrie(嘉莉妹妹(书名))等常见短语中出现较多。

Carrie 卡里;卡丽;【女名】女子名,魔女嘉莉;凯莉;嘉丽妹妹 sister carrie 嘉莉妹妹(书名)

1. My name is Carrie Mathison. (翻译:卡莉·麦吉森 My name is Carrie Mathison.)

2. Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson? (翻译:6个了 Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson? Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson?)

3. Alert carrie. Mike, find her. Fast. (翻译:赶紧通知Carrie Mike尽快找到她)

4. What, that thing with Carrie? (翻译:that thing with Carrie?)

5. I’m 300 yards from the border, Carrie. I can make it. (翻译:我离国界只有300码 Carrie 我能成功)

6. Carrie Mathison, DC Metro. (翻译:Carrie Mathison 我是Metro探员)

7. They want to talk to Carrie. (翻译:他们想找卡莉谈谈 They want to talk to Carrie.)

8. Carrie’s about to get there, Mike. What’s going on? (翻译:Carrie马上就到了 Mike 怎么回事)

9. All because of Carrie White? (翻译:都是因为嘉莉·怀特? All because of Carrie White?)

10. You want me to take Carrie White to the prom? (翻译:你想让我带Carrie White去舞会?)

11. Was it invented by a woman named carrie okey? (翻译:{fn黑体fs22bord1shad03aHBE4aH00fscx67fscy662cHFFFFFF3cH808080}是被一个叫Carrie Oke的 女人发明的吗? {fnarial blackfs12bord1shad04aH00fscx90fscy110}Was it invented by a woman named Carrie Oke)

12. Carrie White was in the room when it happened. (翻译:Carrie White在那间屋子当事情发生)

13. Look what Aunt Carrie got Ruby for her birthday! (翻译:Carrie阿姨给Ruby带来了生日礼物!)

Carrie. I just– I-I can’t help you. (翻译

15. Sarah Graiman, this is special agent Carrie Rivai. (翻译:Sarah Graiman 我是联邦探员Carrie Rivai)

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