greening是什么意思 greening的翻译、中文解释

greening是什么意思 greening的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

词义:Greening 表示“绿化”,指对建筑、城市或者农村地区进行绿化,增加植被覆盖率来改善环境。



1. Urban greening 城市绿化

2. Greening the desert 绿洲化沙漠

3. Greening measures 绿化措施

4. Environmental greening 环境绿化

5. Large-scale greening 大规模绿化

6. Greening project 绿化工程

7. Community greening 社区绿化




1. Urban greening projects have turned some of our cities into green lungs.


2. Our company has decided to invest in a large-scale greening project to improve the working environment.


3. Environmental greening is an important measure to protect our planet.


4. The community is planning to undertake a greening initiative to beautify the neighborhood.


5. Greening the desert is a challenging task, but it can be done with the right resources and technologies.


6. The city has implemented various greening measures to combat air pollution.


7. The environmental protection bureau has launched a series of green initiatives to encourage citizen partition in greening efforts.





1. The city is working on ‘greening’ its transportation system by introducing more bicycles and electric vehicles. (这座城市正在通过引入更多的自行车和电动车辆来实现交通绿色化。)

2. Many companies are focusing on ‘greening’ their operations by reducing waste and using renewable energy sources. (许多公司正在专注于通过减少浪费和使用可再生能源来实现运营绿色化。)

3. The government’s ‘greening’ initiative aims to increase the amount of green spaces in areas. (的绿化倡议旨在增加城市地区的绿色空间。)



例句:But perhaps one of the most important re-greening aspects is the opportunity to restore the local ecology, as in this example outside of Minneapolis. (但可能关于重建绿色的最重要的一个方面是 能有机会修复 当地的生态. 就像密西西比外围的例子里一样.)


例句:The selection of greening materials and design of Pingxi Expressway is different from other expressways in Qinghai Province. (绿化材料的选择和设计是平西高速公路不同于省内其它公路的特色之一。)


例句:Therefore increases the city afforestation area to have to afforest, the vertical greening three-dimensional direction to the roof develops. (因此增加城市绿化面积必须向屋顶绿化、垂直绿化的立体化方向发展)


例句:The areas beneath would become parks, greening the city by banishing its traffic into the sky. (翻译:而下面地面将变成公园,通过将公路交通“赶”到空中,城市将得到了绿化。)

greening一般作为名词、动词使用,如在greening ?(绿化)、driveway greening(车行道绿化)、environmental greening(环境绿化)等常见短语中出现较多。

greening ? 绿化 driveway greening 车行道绿化 environmental greening 环境绿化 factory greening 工厂绿化 greening design 绿化设计 greening island 绿化岛(车站) greening lacquer 古铜色漆(文物修复用仿古涂料的一种) greening mileage 绿化里程 greening of management 绿色管理;管理绿色化

1. Therefore increases the city afforestation area to have to afforest, the vertical greening three-dimensional direction to the roof develops. (翻译:因此增加城市绿化面积必须向屋顶绿化、垂直绿化的立体化方向发展)

2. The areas beneath would become parks, greening the city by banishing its traffic into the sky. (翻译:而下面地面将变成公园,通过将公路交通“赶”到空中,城市将得到了绿化。)

3. After more than 30 years of tireless effort, the long-cherished wish of greening and Beautifying the country has been fulfilled. (翻译:历经30余年的不懈努力,才实现了全国由绿化到美化的夙愿。)

4. And then Gotham will be mine for the greening. (翻译:然后高谭市就是我的了 我要亲手打造一个绿色城市)

5. Richer nations continue to insist that they must be allowed to monitor all greening projects. (翻译:而富裕国家依然坚持对所有绿色项目的监管权。)

6. Recycling — everybody kind of ends their books about being sustainable and greening with the idea of recycling. (翻译:再循环。关于可持续和再循环的环保想法的书籍都是 类似的观点。)

7. Greening the walls and roofs of our buildings could create a rich and extensive habitat, if we wanted it to do so. (翻译:绿化建筑的外墙和屋顶 就能打造一座茂盛而广阔的栖息地 只要我们有心去做)

8. Towards the “Key Subdivision Greening” of Qilin District of Qujing City within the Project of Converting Cultivated Land back to Forests (翻译:曲靖市麒麟区在退耕还林中实行“重点片区”绿化浅析)

9. That’s still a long way from greening a continent. (翻译:要想绿化整个非洲,前路依然漫长。)

10. Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto (翻译:Majora Carter城市改建的故事)

11. The Dynamic Changes of Physiological and Biochemical Indexes During the Greening of Wheat Etiolate Seedlings (翻译:小麦黄化苗转绿过程中生理生化指标的动态变化)

12. He’ll be here any minute, but we gotta see this Oliver Greening first. (翻译:他随时会到 但是我们要先看这个奥利佛格林)

13. No creature exploits the greening of a desert more quickly or more dramatically than a locust. (翻译:没有什么生物能比蝗虫更早或更轰动地 发现这抹绿意)

14. In the past, people paid little attention to highway greening and landscaping and placed more emphsis on highway construction. (翻译:以往人们没有形成对公路也要进行绿化美化的概念,认为修路只要主题工程搞好就完事。)

15. Reporting to the Head of Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section, the Head of Tree Management Office (H/TMO) heads the TMO. (翻译:树木管理办事处总监掌管树木管理办事处,直属上司是绿化、园境及树木管理组主管。)


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