clac是什么意思 clac的翻译、中文解释

clac是什么意思 clac的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. Meaning: ‘clac’ can be interpreted as an acronym or abbreviation for different words, depending on the context. Therefore, it is essential to understand the meaning of ‘clac’ in the given context to understand its usage correctly.

2. Usage: As an English teacher, it is important to explain the correct usage of ‘clac’ based on its meaning. It is also essential to educate students about the various meanings of the acronym or abbreviation and its context-specific usage.

3. Spelling: Since ‘clac’ is not a standard word in the English language, it can be misspelled by students. As a teacher, it is essential to correct students’ spelling and help them understand the importance of spelling accuracy.

4. Pronunciation: The unciation of ‘clac’ is another aspect that needs to be addressed by the English teacher. Since it is not a commonly used word, students may struggle with its unciation, and it is the teacher’s responsibility to help them ounce the word correctly.

Example sentences:

1. The CLAC agreement was signed by the union and the employer last week.

2. CLAC stands for Construction and General Workers’ Union.

3. The acronym ‘CLAC’ can have different meanings in different contexts.

4. The unciation of ‘clac’ is similar to the sound of a door closing.

5. The spelling of ‘clac’ is often misspelled as ‘clack’ or ‘clak.’







例句:[AG/CC] Trajectory, guidance, C.M.C. Are all go. ([地通]轨道导航系统启动,执行C. M. C .)


例句:Absorbent: a high-quality flax linen lac for the production of natural polymer materials hydrophilic colloid, a strong-absorbent. (吸水性:亚麻紫胶是以优质亚麻籽为原料生产的天然高分子亲水胶体,具有很强的吸水性。)


例句:That is a C96 mauser. Early prototype. (这是毛瑟C96型枪 That is a C96 Mauser.)


例句:People after the introduction of the draft civil code LAC, for the discussion of moral rights legislation still did not stop. (翻译:法工委民法草案出台以后,对于人格权立法的讨论依旧没有止息。)

1. That is a C96 mauser. Early prototype. (翻译:这是毛瑟C96型枪 That is a C96 Mauser.)

2. People after the introduction of the draft civil code LAC, for the discussion of moral rights legislation still did not stop. (翻译:法工委民法草案出台以后,对于人格权立法的讨论依旧没有止息。)

3. Ingestion of A. .. goes to B … EC performs the excretion (翻译:由A进食… 通过B… 和C由c执行)

4. The uterine lac is rapidly expanding. (翻译:你做过几次剖腹产 两次 很好 比我多 你上)

5. C-1 to 6 will clear the northern field. (翻译:C -1至C -6 去清理出北边空地 C)

6. C-Note told me what’s going on. (翻译:C -Note跟我说了 {fs143cH0000004cH000000}C)

7. Did you try going through the C-gate? (翻译:有没有试过C路径? You tried going through the C -gate?)

8. Seoul’s chief nuclear negotiator Wi Sung-lac said the meeting had been “very constructive” and useful. (翻译:首尔的核问题特使魏圣洛说会议很有建设性,很有成效。)

9. It was Tony C and their guys. (翻译:Tony C和他手下 It was Tony C and their guys.)

10. Factors influencing the defoaming performance of waterborne wood lac quer are introduced. Selection and application of defoamers in waterborne wood lacquer are discussed. (翻译:论述了影响水性木器漆消泡性的因素,对水性木器漆中消泡剂的选择和应用作了探讨。)

11. They’re telling him I’m a C1 and C2 complete. (翻译:他们在告诉他 我是C1和C2颈椎完全损伤)

12. C, I write personality quizzes for magazines. (翻译:C,我帮杂志编性格测试。C, I write personality quizzes for magazines.)

13. Church recalls seeing plasmid and gene sequences for the first time-penicillinase and insulin, the lac repressor and interferon. (翻译:Church回忆第一次见到了质粒和基因序列的情形-青霉素酶和胰岛素,阻遏物和干扰素。)

14. ~ Ooh, ooh, A, B, C, baby ~ (翻译:# Ooh, ooh, A, B, C, baby #)

15. Particularly not hepatitis C. (翻译:Particularly not hepatitis C.)

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