ghoulie是什么意思 ghoulie的翻译、中文解释

ghoulie是什么意思 ghoulie的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



1. There’s nothing scarier than watching a ghoulie crawl out of a grave.


2. The children were thrilled to go on a Halloween adventure to find the ghoulies that haunted the abandoned house.



例句:See if you can find Julien Lemmens in Villers-Ie-Temple. (看看能不能在Villers le Temple 找到Julien Lemmens.)


例句:The Currency gets converted to the Specified one ie. Dollars, cents, Rupees, Paisa etc… (货币将被转换成指定的类型,如美元、分、卢比、派萨,等等。)

1. Fundamentally, Chrome and IE 8 have different goals from that of Gazelle. (翻译:基本上,Chrome和IE8的目标与Gazelle并不相同。)

2. Send IE9 the same markup that you give to other browsers. (翻译:给IE9发送和你给其他浏览器发送的一样的标记。)

3. At the end of the day, it will be your own two feet that will support you to standup, ie upright. (翻译:到最后,你总是要靠自己的两条腿来支撑自己,来站直。)

4. Il mare e le onde andiamo via. (翻译:II mare e Ie onde andiamo via.)

5. Siddharth, I am the Seema you’re looking for but, I can’t be your Seema. (翻译:Siddharth 我是你iE在找的Seema… …不能成为你的Seema)

6. Roy Takano [ie, Takeno] at town hall meeting, Manzanar Relocation Center, California. (翻译:罗伊高野[即,竹野]在市政厅会议上,Manzanar搬迁中心,加利福尼亚州。)

7. At present there are many IE – designed plugins to call up procedures as if running IE. (翻译:目前有很多为IE设计的插件,它们会把调用的程序看作是IE。)

8. Our friends over at Ars Technica found a way to use the IE9 preview engine within the IE9 beta chrome. (翻译:我们在ArsTechnica的朋友发现一种方法,可以在IE9betachrome中使用IE9预览版引擎。)

9. I think you mean to activate the transversus abdominis, ie corset muscles. (翻译:我想你的意思是激活腹横肌,即紧身衣肌肉。)

10. Thetextbook response would be to “see through” -ie, ignore-this inflation. (翻译:教科书上的回应是“看穿”——比如,忽视——这个通货膨胀。)

11. Need IE working background, Lean Technology, 6sigma, KAIZEN working experience. (翻译:需要有IE工作背景,精益生产,6西格玛,改进等工作经历。)

12. It is a popular misconception (ie Many people wrongly believe) that all Scotsmen are mean. (翻译:很多人误以为苏格兰人都很小气。)

13. This IE contains a PDCP sequence number and a hyper frame number. (翻译:该IE包含一个PDCP序列号和一个超帧号。)

14. All 900 million users around the world were advised they needed a patch because of a colossal security bungle . (翻译:由于存在巨大的安全隐患,微软建议全世界9亿IE浏览器用户安装补丁。)

15. Y tiene una huerta donde Ie gusta trabajar. (翻译:他在那里度过他的夏天, 他拥有一个花园 他喜欢的地方工作。)

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