idealistic是什么意思 idealistic的翻译、中文解释

idealistic是什么意思 idealistic的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




1. idealistic vision 理想化的愿景

2. idealistic approach 理想化的方法

3. idealistic perspective 理想化的观点

4. idealistic mindset 理想化的心态

5. idealistic ideals 理想化的理念

6. idealistic goals 理想化的目标

7. idealistic aspirations 理想化的愿望




1. His idealistic views led him to pursue a career in non-profit work.(他的理想化观点使他选择了从事非营利性的工作。)

2. She has always been an idealistic person who believes in the power of love to change the world.(她一直都是一个理想主义者,相信爱的力量可以改变世界。)

3. The play portrays the struggles of an idealistic young woman trying to make a difference in the world.(这部戏描绘了一位理想主义、年轻的女性在尝试改变世界时的斗争。)

4. Sometimes it can be hard to be idealistic in a world that can be so cruel and unfair.(有时在这个如此残酷和不公的世界里保持理想主义会很困难。)

5. He was criticized for his idealistic approach to politics, which some saw as and impractical.(他的方法被批评为理想化,有些人认为这种方法是天真和不实际的。)

6. The company’s idealistic mission statement attracted many socially conscious consumers.(公司的理想主义宣言吸引了许多有社会意识的消费者。)

7. His idealistic aspirations for the future included bringing peace to the world and ending poverty.(他对未来的理想化愿望包括给世界带来和平,结束贫困。)





1. He was a young and idealistic reformer, full of enthusiasm and energy.


2. She had an idealistic view of the world, believing that everyone could work together for a better future.


3. While his idealistic dreams were admirable, he struggled to make them a reality in the harsh world.




例句:Because the idealistic “rigid joint” and “hinged joint” are inexistent, the stiffness of any connection types is between idealistic rigid joint and hinged joint. (因为理想的刚节点和铰接点是不存在的,任何连接形式的刚度都是介于理想刚接和完全铰接之间的。)


例句:Valentine Morgenstern drew a circle of friends together… young idealistic Shadowhunters… to help him steal the Mortal Cup from the Clave. (瓦伦丁,摩根斯顿,德鲁,和他的一群朋友 一群年轻的,理想主义的暗影猎手 去帮他将圣杯偷来)


例句:Idealistic young people died for the cause. (理想主义的年轻人为这项事业而献身。)


例句:I have other grounds for this belief. The perpetrator is probably driven by their own idealistic sense of justice. (翻译:从只杀犯罪者这点来看 犯人是基于自认的正义感而犯案)

idealistic一般作为形容词使用,如在idealistic psychology(唯心主义心理学)、non idealistic([网络] 非理念层次)等常见短语中出现较多。

idealistic psychology 唯心主义心理学 non idealistic [网络] 非理念层次

1. Idealistic young people died for the cause. (翻译:理想主义的年轻人为这项事业而献身。)

2. I have other grounds for this belief. The perpetrator is probably driven by their own idealistic sense of justice. (翻译:从只杀犯罪者这点来看 犯人是基于自认的正义感而犯案)

3. When I married you… you were the most idealistic man I’d ever met. (翻译:我嫁给你的时候 你是我所遇到的 最大的理想主义者)

4. Because she is more idealistic than practical, and the world chews up idealistic people. (翻译:因为她的理想主义不切实际 而现实世界会让理想主义梦碎一地)

5. JB: So I met John outside of Washington, DC, with an idealistic group of cross-partisan bridge builders, and we wanted to re-weave the fabric of our communities. (翻译:JB:我是在郊外遇到的约翰, 他跟一群理想主义者在一起, 希望搭建跨党派交流的桥梁, 我们都希望重塑社区的结构。)

6. The spirit of christianism is the requisite and intrinsic idealistic ingredient in Helin’s New Ideology of Mind. (翻译:在贺麟的新心学理论体系中,教精神是其不可或缺的内在的思想质素。)

7. The idealistic origin of Dworkin’s Theory of Legal Principle is the criticism of positivism and the continuation of liberalism. (翻译:其理论的思想来源于对法律实证主义的批判和对自由主义的延续。)

8. No public leader of his generation was more eloquent in articulating the liberal, idealistic international program than Wilson. (翻译:在威尔逊那个时代,没有一个出众领袖在提出自由主义的,理想主义的国际纲领方面,比他更能言善辨。)

9. She’s still young and idealistic. (翻译:她还年轻并且耽于空想。)

10. You can’t be idealistic. Nobody thanks you for sticking your neck out. (翻译:你不能太理想化 没有会感谢你 将脖子伸出去挨刀子)

11. The Swedes have always had divided opinions on Blomkvist. His supporters believe he is the last idealistic journalist. (翻译:获利超过6千万. 他的支持者认为他是最后一个具有良知的记者)

12. Only young, stupid, idealistic kids think it isn’t about money! (翻译:只有轻微的水浸理想笨… 新思维是因为钱不是唯一的。我知道,爱丽丝。)

13. It’s just idealistic utopianism if the market doesn’t follow it. Reality is cruel. You can’t just do whatever you want. (翻译:都有些乌托邦式的理想主义,因为市场不买账啊,因为现实很残酷,不是你想怎么样就怎么样的。)

14. You know, you need to be idealistic to get into this thing, to keep going, but… (翻译:进入这一行需要抱持理想 继续前进,不过…)

15. While many MBA students sound idealistic, their teachers warn that it’s easy to slide down the slippery slope. (翻译:很多MBA学院的想法也许有些理想主义,他们的老师警告称,要想堕落是很容易的。)

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