appetite是什么意思 appetite的翻译、中文解释

  appetite是什么意思 appetite的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

  1. 词汇意义:appetite是指人或动物对食物的需求感和食欲之外,还可以指对其他事物的渴望和需求感,例如财富、权力、知识等。


  - My appetite has decreased since I started dieting. (我自从开始节食后食欲下降了。)

  - He has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. (他对知识有着无法满足的渴望。)

  2. 词性:appetite是名词。


  - After running for an hour, I worked up quite an appetite. (跑了一个小时后,我非常饿了。)

  - The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes to satisfy everyone’s appetite. (这家餐厅提供各种各样的菜品,以满足每个人的胃口。)

  3. 同义词:hunger、craving、desire、longing。


  - He couldn’t resist the hunger pangs and ate a whole pizza. (他无法抵抗饥饿感,吃了整个披萨。)

  - She has a constant craving for chocolate. (她总是渴望巧克力。)

  4. 词性派生:appetitive是形容词,表示涉及食欲或愉悦的。


  - The sight and smell of bacon cooking in the morning is very appetitive. (早上看到煮熟的熏肉的样子和闻到它的味道非常让人垂涎欲滴。)

  - The appetitive pleasure of eating ice cream on a hot day is undeniable. (在炎热的天气里吃冰淇淋的美妙感觉是不可否认的。)

  5. 常用搭配:

  - lose one’s appetite (失去食欲)

  - have a good/bad appetite (有好/不好的胃口)

  - satisfy one’s appetite (满足某人的胃口)

  - whet one’s appetite (某人的胃口)

  - increase/decrease one’s appetite (增加/减少某人的食欲)


  - The sight of the moldy bread made me lose my appetite. (看到发霉的面包让我失去了食欲。)

  - He always has a good appetite for spicy food. (他总是对辛辣食物有很好的胃口。)

  - The delicious aroma of the cooking food whetted my appetite. (做饭的食物散发出的美味香气了我的胃口。)




  1. I have no appetite for meat today.


  2. The medicine made her lose her appetite.


  3. The sight of the delicious food aroused his appetite.




  例句:They are also a fantastic appetite suppressant. (同时也是一种不错的食欲。)


  例句:How long did it take you to get your appetite back? (你花了多少才恢复食欲 How long did it take you to get your appetite back?)


  例句:Leptin ACTS like a natural appetite suppressant. (瘦素就好像是一种天然的“食欲”。)


  例句:The book will whet your appetite for more of her work. (翻译:你看了这本书就会更想多读她的著作。)

  appetite一般作为名词使用,如在excessive appetite([医] 食欲过盛, 善饥)、fed to appetite(喂饱)、give appetite(促进食欲)等常见短语中出现较多。

  excessive appetite[医] 食欲过盛, 善饥fed to appetite喂饱give appetite促进食欲good appetite[网络] 好胃口;很好的胃口;好喙斗have no appetite茶饭不香hearty appetite好胃口keen appetite强烈的食欲lack of appetite食欲不振lose … appetite[网络] 失去胃口;失去了食欲1. Leptin ACTS like a natural appetite suppressant. (翻译:瘦素就好像是一种天然的“食欲”。)

  2. The book will whet your appetite for more of her work. (翻译:你看了这本书就会更想多读她的著作。)

  3. Control appetite. Overindulgence clogs boby and mind. (翻译:控制食欲。暴饮暴食堵塞身心。)

  4. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. (翻译:水是天然的食欲。)

  5. Report on their appetite. Utilities are our top priority today. (翻译:打给你们的法人等大户 挑他们有兴趣买的股票下手)

  6. Close particularly “dawdler” the appetite of sisters ah? (翻译:是不是非凡合“懒人”姐妹们的胃口啊? )

  7. That appetite has remained following the GFC. (翻译:这种偏好一直持续到全球金融危机。)

  8. There are chicks of all ages, all with a hefty appetite. (翻译:这里的雏鸟年纪虽然不一样 但全都食欲旺盛)

  9. Oh, Gaia is a woman of great appetite. (翻译:带着我的感激入睡 我会等到所有宾客都离去)

  10. Reading spoils my appetite, George. (翻译:读这个就已经毁了我的胃口, George.)

  11. With your endless appetite, there’ll be no quail left in Japan (翻译:日本剩下的所有鹌鹑都填不满你那无止境的欲望)

  12. What if we taught them to work with their appetite instead of fearing it? (翻译:假如我们教她们控制她们的食欲 而不是惧怕它? )

  13. The public have an insatiable appetite for scandal. (翻译:公众对丑事总是喜闻乐道。)

  14. You still have appetite even now, Gentai? (翻译:等一下 元太 在这种时候你还真能吃得下呀)

  15. A love affair that made no distinction… between bodily appetite and spiritual appetite. (翻译:一种爱的事情 在肌体欲望及精神欲望之间没什么不同)


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