codd是什么意思 英文名codd的翻译、发音、来源

  codd是什么意思 英文名codd的翻译、发音、来源

  抱蛋、溺爱、娇惯。词性为动词。常用的词组搭配为 coddle sb.,意为“溺爱某人”。发音拼写为 /kɑd/。


  1. She coddled her son so much that he had no idea how to take care of himself.(她娇惯她的儿子,以至于他不知道如何照顾自己。)

  2. Don’t coddle her too much, she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself.(不要对她过于溺爱,她完全有能力照顾自己。)

  3. The coach coddled the star player, allowing him to skip practice whenever he wanted.(教练溺爱球队明星,让他想跳练习就跳练习。)

  4. You need to stop coddling your cat and let her learn to be more independent.(你需要停止溺爱你的猫,让她学会更加。)

  5. The boss coddled his favorite employee, giving him special treatment and ignoring the others.(老板溺爱他最喜欢的员工,给他特别的待遇,忽略其他人。)

  6. It’s not doing your child any favors to coddle him all the time.(总是溺爱孩子并不是什么好事。)

  7. Some people coddle their plants too much, always worrying about whether they’ve had enough water or sunlight.(有些人对他们的植物太过溺爱,总是担心它们是否有足够的水和阳光。)



  1. That child has been coddled by his parents too much and now he can’t handle any kind of challenge. (那个孩子被他的父母太宠爱了,现在他无法处理任何一种挑战。)

  2. Don’t coddle the bird too much, it needs to learn how to fly on its own. (不要太过宠爱这只鸟,它需要学会飞行。)


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