commerci是什么意思 commerci的翻译、中文解释

  commerci是什么意思 commerci的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

  ’commerci’ 不是一个单独的有效单词或短语,它可能是单词“commercial”或其他单词的错误拼写。

  如果是单词“commercial”,它的词义为商业的、贸易的,是一个形容词。常见的词组搭配包括“commercial bank”(商业银行)、“commercial center”(商业中心)、“commercial property”(商业房地产)等。发音为/k??m????l/,拼写为commercial。


  1. The company’s goal is to increase its commercial activities in the international market.(公司的目标是在国际市场上增加商业活动。)

  2. The new shopping mall is expected to become a major commercial center in the region.(新购物中心预计将成为该地区的一个重要商业中心。)

  3. The company owns several commercial properties in downtown Manhattan.(该公司拥有曼哈顿市中心的几处商业房产。)

  4. The TV show’s success has led to increased commercial opportunities for its stars.(这个电视节目的成功为它的明星带来了更多的商业机会。)

  5. The government is planning to introduce new commercial regulations to promote fair competition.(计划推出新的商业法规以促进公平竞争。)

  6. The commercial sector is one of the main contributors to the country’s GDP.(商业部门是该国国内生产总值的主要贡献者之一。)

  7. The company has launched a new commercial campaign to promote its latest product.(该公司推出了一项新的商业宣传活动,以推广其最新产品。)



  1. The company’s main goal is to increase its commerci al presence in Asia.


  2. The new initiative aims to build stronger commerci al ties between the two countries.




  例句:The poems and Ci-verses by Wen Tingyun expressed same emotional implication, but the aesthetic perceptions in them were different. (他的诗和词在情感表达上有脉络相通之处,而在美学趣味上体现出不同的追求。)


  例句:Can say, the ci Ba has heavy agrestic breathing, is representative’s food of civil festival in Hubei. (可以说,糍粑具有浓郁的乡土气息,是湖北民间节庆的代表食品。)

  1. ” Jin Wang received the words: ” ” Tso ” Ci-yi age support rich, naturally a book, not the Lord by the hair. (翻译:晋王接即言:“《左氏》辞义赡富,自是一家书,不主为经发。”)

  2. Through combined them, it gives a clear demonstration of Zhangyan’s influence on Ci of the Qing Dynasty. (翻译:将此二者结合起来,更清晰地展现了张炎对清代词坛的整体影响。)

  3. Girl: I just take off my CI, and I don’t hear anything. (翻译:女孩:我把我的人工耳蜗取下来,我就什么都听不到了。)

  4. Girl: I just take off my CI, and I don’t hear anything. (翻译:女孩:我把我的人工耳蜗取下来,我就什么都听不到了。)

  5. Use PC and TLC to identifying the dyes of the Sheaffer Black Ink and the standard Parker Pure Black Ink, which composed from two dyes: Brilliant Black BN CI. (翻译:用纸色谱法和薄层色谱法鉴别犀飞利黑墨水和标准派克纯黑墨水中的两种染料均为:亮黑CI。)

  6. All the elements above make the Wen’s Ci more euphuistic, elaborate and more magnificent than other Ci writers. (翻译:以上诸种要素,使温庭筠的词境相对于其他婉约词人,更香艳温暖,也更繁缛富丽。)

  7. Feng Yansi was a famous Ci poet in the Five Dynasties. His Ci poems are of great artistic value and take an important place in Ci history. (翻译:冯延巳是五代时的词坛名家,他的词具有很高的艺术价值,在词史上的地位也很重要。)

  8. Now the heroes are off to find her, and I’m stuck here trying to placate a city on the brink of ciνil war. (翻译:现在英雄们去找她了 我却困在这 试着缓和这城市的内斗)

  9. The main products: Flexographic CI Printing Machines, Linerboard Preprint Machines. (翻译:该公司主要供应卫星式柔性版印刷机、瓦楞纸箱面纸预印设备。)

  10. The Book of Songs and Chu Ci are the early poetries of consciousness of worry. (翻译:《诗经》、《楚辞》是两部充满忧患意识的早期诗集。)

  11. This is online map of the address “Gui Lin Jie Dao Huang Ci Cun , Zhangping City, Longyan Shi, Fujian Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国福建省龙岩市漳平市桂林街道黄祠村”匹配的在线电子地图。)

  12. orlandoisimmenselytalented (翻译:-Ci and JoJo的《All My Life》)

  13. flower law naval battle erupts, bart by English captive, be locked up to be in plain Ci Mao Si. (翻译:xx年,英法海战爆发,巴特被英国人俘虏,被关押在朴茨茅斯。)

  14. He had a distinguished literary talent, so he had maken a considerable achievement in poem, ci , and prose . (翻译:他以热情、客观的态度反思亡宋,思考当代,诗、词、文均取得了相当的成就。)

  15. This is online map of the address “Xiang Gong Zhen Xiao Mao Ci Cun , Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国山东省临沂市河东区相公镇小茅茨村”匹配的在线电子地图。)


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