compulsion是什么意思 compulsion的翻译、中文解释

  compulsion是什么意思 compulsion的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

  1. 词性说明:compulsion是一个名词,意为”强制、压制、难以抗拒的冲动”。


  - He felt a compulsive urge to clean the entire room before starting work.


  - Gambling addiction is a compulsion that can ruin people’s lives.


  2. 心理学:compulsion在心理学上指一种强迫症(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)的症状,即过度重复某种行为来避免焦虑。


  - John can’t leave his house without checking the lock on the door ten times. It’s a compulsion he can’t control.


  - Anna feels the compulsion to wash her hands over and over again, even though they’re already clean.


  3. 法律:compulsion可以指被法庭强制执行某项行为或作出某种决定。


  - The witness testified under compulsion, as he was subpoenaed to appear in court.


  - The company was forced to reveal their financial records under compulsion from the government.


  4. 医学:compulsion还可以指某种不自觉的生理反应或行为,如嗜好或成瘾。


  - Her compulsion for sweets led to weight gain and dental problems.


  - His compulsion to exercise every day has become an addiction that affects his relationships and work.


  5. 经济学:compulsion还可以指一种放弃某项权利或资源的情况。


  - The farmer had no choice but to sell his land under compulsion from the government for a new highway.


  - The company had to make budget cuts under compulsion from the economic downturn.






  1. The company is under compulsion to reduce its carbon footprint.


  2. She felt a compulsion to check her phone every few minutes.


  3. He has a compulsion to always be the center of attention.




  例句:Upon this compulsion, Mr. Godfrey made an effort, and came out with a new and amended version of the affair . (于是高孚利先生搜索枯肠,终于想出一种新的说法来讲了。)

  compulsion一般作为名词使用,如在extraeconomic compulsion(经济外强制;经济外强制)、foreign compulsion(外力强迫)、minimum compulsion(最狭义胁迫)等常见短语中出现较多。

  extraeconomic compulsion经济外强制;经济外强制foreign compulsion外力强迫minimum compulsion最狭义胁迫noneconomic compulsion非经济强制Personal Compulsion人身强制repetition compulsion强迫性复现症supraeconomic compulsion超经济强制1. Now it seems there exists a growing compulsion to use that power… merely to beget more power. (翻译:现在似乎有一个趋势 想利用强权产生更多强权)

  2. I know there’s nothing we can do about the compulsion, but maybe if we unwind the memories backwards, something might trigger something, and maybe they’ll all come back, right? (翻译:我知道对于蛊惑 我们无能为力 但如果逆向解开记忆 可能会引发些什么 或许记忆就回来了 对吧?)

  3. Compulsion or not, Stefan’s high on human blood. Ok? A lot of it. (翻译:不管是不是的 Stefan现在已经嗜血成性了)

  4. What is this compulsion you have to look on the bright side? (翻译:你总想着好的一面 这是什么强迫症 {3cH202020}What is this compulsion you have to look on the bright side?)

  5. Check the blindfold. No compulsion tonight. (翻译:检查下绷带遮严没 今晚谁都别被施上强迫术了)

  6. If I do, Damon’s compulsion ends and this is all over. (翻译:这样的话 就能结束你对Damon的蛊惑 那这一切就结束了)

  7. When invited to a dinner party or wedding, we feel a strong compulsion to reciprocate, sometimes against our better judgement. (翻译:当被邀请参加一次晚宴或婚礼时,我们感觉到很大强迫去交换,有时不利于我们更好的判断。)

  8. Don’t feel under any compulsion to take me with you. I won’t be offended if you don’t. (翻译:你不必勉强带我和你一起去。如果你不带我去,我不会生气的。)

  9. Kol’s compulsion is still in effect, so you need to stay locked up. (翻译:Kol的蛊惑还有效著呢 所以得把你锁起来)

  10. I guess you could say that it was half-repression and half-compulsion, and when you asked me why we left the academy in the first place, a part of me couldn’t remember. (翻译:你可能会说那是半抑郁和 半强迫 如果你问我 为什么一开始我们就要离开学校)

  11. She shunned bodily ornamentation and strove to use only the natural movements of her body, undistorted by acrobatic exaggeration and stimulated only by internal compulsion. (翻译:她避开身体上的装饰,努力只使用身体的自然动作,不被杂技般的夸张所扭曲,只被内心的强迫所。)

  12. We found no cameras, and the compulsion alone can only be done in specific environments by trained professionals. (翻译:我们没有看到任何的照片 就只有你说的强迫术 能够由训练过的专员在特定的环境中施行)

  13. She would have been released from my compulsion when I died. (翻译:在我死时 我对她的 强制限行法力也失效了)

  14. The lies, compulsion, prostitution. The grudge against her mother. (翻译:那些谎言, 强迫病, , 对母亲的怨恨)

  15. Yes, the girl falls, absurd to fall, even the earth with its compulsion to take unto itself all that falls must know that falling is absurd, yet the girl falling isn’t myself, or she is myself, but a self I took of my own volition unto myself. (翻译:是的,女孩跌倒,荒谬的下降, 甚至地球与强制 她在下降 要知道,是荒谬的下降, 那个女孩不属于我自己 或她就是我自己, 但自我注意到我自己的意志祂自己。)

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