apostasie是什么意思 apostasie的翻译、中文解释

  apostasie是什么意思 apostasie的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释


  1. 方面:Apostasy是指信仰的背叛和放弃。这个词在教、教、犹太教等中都有出现。


  - He was excommunicated from the church due to his apostasy.

  - The punishment for apostasy in some Islamic countries is death.

  2. 方面:Apostasy也可以指对信仰或意识形态的抛弃。在某些国家,这可能会导致或。


  - The government considers any criticism of the ruling party as a form of apostasy.

  - The punishment for apostasy in North Korea is imprisonment.

  3. 道德方面:Apostasy也可以指放弃道德标准或社会规范。这可能涉及到一些争议性的问题,例如同性恋婚姻等。


  - The bishop was accused of apostasy for endorsing gay marriage.

  - Some people view the legalization of marijuana as apostasy.

  4. 文化方面:Apostasy也可能涉及到放弃或忽视某个文化的传统或价值观。这也可能导致文化冲突或。


  - Many people view the adoption of Western values as a form of apostasy in some Asian countries.

  - The artist was accused of apostasy for his controversial depiction of traditional religious figures.

  5. 方面:Apostasy在某些国家被视为犯罪,会受到处罚。


  - In Saudi Arabia, apostasy is punishable by death.

  - The punishment for apostasy in Iran is imprisonment.





  1. Il a commis une apostasie en renon?ant à sa foi. (他放弃了信仰,犯了叛教罪。)

  2. L’apostasie est considérée comme un péché grave dans certaines religions. (在某些中,叛教被视为严重的罪行。)



  例句:-Here we are, tend to, uplasiaes them. (我们在这里,趋向,upla? ie? 他们。)


  例句:The most notable feature of IE9 is its speed. (IE9的 最突出特点是速度。)


  例句:With IE, the point doesn’t expand properly or smoothly and is very ‘glitchy’. (使用IE时,点不能正常或平滑地展开,并且非常“毛刺”。)

  1. With IE, the point doesn’t expand properly or smoothly and is very ‘glitchy’. (翻译:使用IE时,点不能正常或平滑地展开,并且非常“毛刺”。)

  2. Static XHTML Mockup app/views/blog/post.html (翻译:静态XHTML模仿app/views/blog/post.html )

  3. At present there are many IE – designed plugins to call up procedures as if running IE. (翻译:目前有很多为IE设计的插件,它们会把调用的程序看作是IE。)

  4. Our friends over at Ars Technica found a way to use the IE9 preview engine within the IE9 beta chrome. (翻译:我们在ArsTechnica的朋友发现一种方法,可以在IE9betachrome中使用IE9预览版引擎。)

  5. Gloria hugged Douglas Post at the funeral. (翻译:Gloria在葬礼的时候拥抱了Doulas Post)

  6. The Post-Fumigation Party. (翻译:消毒后派对 The Post -Fumigation Party.)

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  9. This IE contains a PDCP sequence number and a hyper frame number. (翻译:该IE包含一个PDCP序列号和一个超帧号。)

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  12. Supporting IE is Like a Fork in the Eye for Web devs. (翻译:支持IE,对网页开发者来说就像是眼中刺。)

  13. This IE indicates the maximum and guaranteed bit rates of a GBR bearer for downlink and uplink. (翻译:该IE指示上行链路和下行链路的最大保证速率。)

  14. The IE7 compatibility view built into IE9, which some sites may run in, does not offer the best performance possible. (翻译:IE7的兼容性视图已被构建在IE9内部,有些站点可在其中运行,但不会提供可能最好的性能。)

  15. The postamble does not begin with the POST command. (翻译:后同步码没有以POST命令开始。)


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