cruento是什么意思 cruento的翻译、中文解释

  cruento是什么意思 cruento的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

  1. 词性:cruento是一个形容词,表示血腥的、含血的。

  2. 来源:cruento来自拉丁语cruentus,意为“血腥的”。

  3. 同义词:、gory、bloodstained、sanguinary、blood-soaked。

  4. 反义词:clean、innocent、pure、sterile、untainted。

  5. 用途:cruento用于描述暴力、战争、犯罪等引发大量出血的场合,也可以用于形容视觉媒体中对暴力场面的描绘。


  1. The crime scene was a cruento mess with blood splattered on the walls and floor.(现场充满了血腥味,墙上和地上都有血迹。)

  2. The war monument stands as a reminder of the many cruento battles that were fought in this region.(战争纪念碑提醒我们,这个地区曾经发生过许多血腥的战斗。)

  3. The horror movie was filled with cruento scenes that made the audience feel sick to their stomachs.(这部恐怖电影充满了让人作呕的血腥场面。)

  4. The cruento events of the past have left scars on the community that still linger to this day.(过去的血腥事件让社区留下了至今仍未愈合的伤痕。)

  5. The cruento history of this country is a testament to the bravery of those who fought for their .(这个国家的血腥历史证明了那些为自由而战的人的勇气。)





  1. El suelo estaba cubierto de cruces formadas con ramas y hojas, y sobre ellas se vertía el líquido cruento.

  The ground was covered with crosses made of branches and leaves, and the liquid was poured over them.

  2. En la película, hay varias escenas cruentas que pueden no ser adecuadas para un público joven.

  In the movie, there are several scenes that may not be suitable for a young audience.

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