anulare是什么意思 anulare的翻译、中文解释

  anulare是什么意思 anulare的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

  1. 词源和发音:

  ’anulare’来自拉丁语,意为环状的,发音为 [?n?l??re]。

  例句:The anulare ligament is an important part of the hand anatomy.(anulare韧带是手部解剖学的重要部分)

  2. 解释和定义:


  例句:The anulare muscle helps to control the opening and closing of the eyelids.(anulare肌肉帮助控制睫毛的开合)

  3. 医学应用:

  ’anulare’在医学中常用于描述环状韧带、环形肌等组织结构,例如anulare ligament、anulare muscle等,这些结构在生物学和医学中起着重要作用。

  例句:The anulare ligament can be injured during wrist fractures.(手腕骨折可能会损伤anulare韧带)

  4. 缩写词:

  ’anulare’也可能是一些缩写词的一部分,例如在计算机技术领域中,anulare可以代表Address Not Used in Local Ring。

  例句:The anulare error occurs when the address is not used in the local ring.(anulare错误发生在地址未在本地环中使用时)

  5. 相关词汇:


  例句:The anulare ligament is a type of fibrous ring that encircles the wrist joint.(anulare韧带是一个围绕手腕关节的纤维环)



  1. The company decided to anulare the contract with the supplier due to r quality of the goods. (由于货物质量不佳,公司决定废止与供应商的合同。)

  2. The judge ordered the anulare of the marriage because it was discovered that the couple had lied about their age on the marriage certificate. (法官下令废止这对夫妻的婚姻,因为发现他们在结婚证上谎报了年龄。)


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